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4 Best Practices for an Effective Print Marketing Strategy


Incorporating print marketing tactics will not only expand your customer base but also grow your sales funnel.

Print marketing might be perceived as a traditional strategy in promoting products or services, but it’s still very efficient and powerful today. Compared to digital marketing, print marketing is more tangible and direct to the point, which makes it ideal for consumers who prefer to engage with businesses outside of the online space. Statistics show that approximately 56% of all consumers trust print marketing over other marketing strategies. 

The fact that a majority of consumers still rely on print marketing in the digital age we live in says a lot about why it would be worthy to incorporate it into your business. In the following, we’ll be discussing the best practices you can use for effective print marketing tactics

Print Marketing as an Effective Tool for Your Team

Experts say print marketing is highly effective in allowing businesses to engage potential customers in face-to-face interactions. Print marketing ensures that your target market won’t scroll past your advertisement or social media post because there’s no specialized technology to distract them. Instead, they focus on your products and services or what your brand stands for. There’s concrete science behind reading print ads on actual paper, like card paper or brochures, compared to seeing them on your phone or laptop.

Research suggests that there are far more benefits in reading print ads compared to digital ones. It leaves a more powerful impact when a customer receives an ad print rather than seeing an ad they can easily ignore or forget. When it comes to trustworthiness and reliability, 82% of consumers say they still trust print ads more.

Print Marketing Materials that Make for Best Practices

  1. Brochures

Brochures are a classic form of print advertising you can use for your business. Brochures enable your team to showcase their creativity, helping consumers retain what they read from them. As long as your brochure has a distinct design, it has the potential to attract people’s attention. If you want to bring print advertising onto digital platforms, you can make a digital brochure to level things up. 

  1. Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most underrated print marketing strategies being implemented today, but they’re vital to networking and expanding your customer base. Networking events, conferences, or similar opportunities can help your business build a strong, professional relationship with customers. 

Whenever you talk to consumers or customers that have a strong interest in your brand, giving them your business cards is one way you can stay in touch. 

Based on statistics, there can be a 2.5% increase in the sales of your business for every 2,000 business cards that are handed out. If you think business cards don’t have any kind of impact on business sales and revenue, think again.

You can be as creative as you want with your business cards. Besides listing your contact information, you can also inscribe your company tagline on your business cards. Imagine what that tagline can do in helping consumers with brand recall every time they see your business card on their desk. That may just prompt them to dial your number, opening up the conversation between you and potential clients.

  1. Direct Mail Postcards

All it takes is one look at direct mail postcards, and you already have a good chance to reel customers in. In the context of digital marketing, postcards work similarly to an infographic where one photo can help you summarize everything you want to tell the recipients. 

Based on this article, direct mail received a 4.4% response compared to the 0.12% response that email posted. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has also analyzed that the response rates from direct mail are between 10 and 30 times higher compared to digital mail.

  1. Catalogs

Catalogs boast pleasing aesthetics thanks to a variety of layout and design tools. If your business plans to use catalogs 

for your print marketing strategy, you’re on the right track. They come at a low cost given that printing services are trying to compete for business accounts.

Just like the other print marketing materials in this list, catalogs can help boost the sales and marketing of your business. One of the primary benefits of catalogs is their capacity to grab a customer’s attention while complementing other print marketing strategies. 

Concluding Highlights 

Even if we live in a digital era, print marketing proves to be reliable and efficient since there isn’t a technological barrier in the picture. There’s a reduced chance of a customer ignoring an advertisement when it comes in the form of brochures or postcards since you can’t scroll past them like you normally do with social media ads.

People see print advertising campaigns and tend to absorb the information better compared with digital campaigns because they focus on the messaging rather than the technology you used.

Indeed, despite the popularity of digital technologies, print marketing strategies remain effective in expanding the overall growth of your business, as they afford you various opportunities to grow your sales funnel.

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