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5 Must-Try Shades of White Nail Polish for a Fresh and Clean Look

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White nail polish is a simple yet elegant way to elevate your style. It provides a clean and fresh look and can be worn with any outfit. Finding the perfect shade of white, however, can be tricky. With so many options in the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we have narrowed down five must-try shades of white nail polish that will leave you glowing and feeling confident.

1. Pure White

Pure white is the classic shade of white that never goes out of style. This colour is a true bright white without any hint of yellow or blue undertones. It looks great on all skin tones and complements any outfit. When applying pure white nail polish, it’s important to make sure your nails are properly prepped before application. Any imperfections on your nails will be easily noticeable with this colour, so ensure that your cuticles are moisturized and pushed back and your nails are filed evenly.

2. Ivory

Ivory is one step down from pure white on the colour spectrum but still packs a punch in terms of elegance. One of the best white nail polish shades to try, this shade has a slightly warmer tone than pure white due to its hints of yellow undertones. Ivory is an excellent choice when you want to achieve a sophisticated look without going all out with bright-white shades.

3. Eggshell

If you’re looking for an understated yet refined version of off-white shades, then eggshells may just be the perfect option for you! This creamy off-white hue includes subtle hints of pink, which give it more depth than plain ivory colours. Eggshell has become increasingly popular in recent years because it stands out compared to traditional whites without being too distracting in work environments or formal occasions.

4. Titanium

Titanium offers something unique compared to regular whites. It comes with silver-gray coloured undertones that provide depth and dimension while creating an edgy rock-and-roll vibe on your fingertips. Titanium is not only a novel choice, but it also tends to be more forgiving with application flaws than the other shades of white.

5. Opal

Opalescent shades provide an iridescent effect that shimmers and sparkles when exposed to light. This subtle shade of off-white features pink or pearl-coloured undertones that add a whimsical touch without overdoing it. Opal nail polishes are ideal for special events such as weddings or holiday parties. The sheer finish background provides the perfect base for any embellishments you want to add on top, like glitter or metallic accents.

Tips for Wearing White Nail Polish

Once you have chosen your ideal shade of white nail polish, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure that your mani looks flawless:

1. Choose the Right Base Coat

Nail prep is crucial in achieving a professional-looking manicure with no streaks or flaws visible. A great base coat will act as a barrier between your nails and prevent yellowing from prolonged exposure to pigmented polish products.

2. Apply Thin Layers

It’s always better to apply multiple thin coats than just one thick layer on nails when painting them white. Otherwise, chances are, they will become opaque spots even after prolonged drying time, which can ruin their entire look unnecessarily.

3. Rinse Away With Cool Water

It’s important not to use hot water while removing white-colored polish as it can cause cracking, especially under UV curing lamps. Instead, use cool water, which effectively reduces streaks/smudging around fingers, enabling clean removal without damage.

4. Maintain Your Manicure Regularly

Lastly, don’t forget about regularly maintaining your stunning new manicure by moisturizing hands with hand lotion at least twice daily and avoiding frequent exposure to harsh chemicals such as alcohol-based products that could break down nail enamel faster than intended.


Overall, white nail polish has proven its worth in upgrading any outfit, be it for daily use or specific occasions. Choosing the appropriate shade of white can impact the overall look as intended.

So, which one of these five shades will you try for your next mani?

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