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6 Things You Should Outsource For Better Business Productivity

There is so much to running a business that it is not always possible to do it all yourself. As your business grows, so you will need to concentrate on your products and customers, and there are some tasks that you can outsource to other people.

Content Marketing


The content on your website and social media pages should be informative without being too obviously promotional. The secret of successful content is that it earns the respect and trust of both potential and existing customers. Larger companies tend to have someone responsible just for their content management, but until your business grows quite a lot that is an expense you can do without.

There are excellent freelance writers on the market, and you only pay them for the content they produce. Even among agencies that provide content for their clients, 75% of them outsource the work to freelancers.

There are online sites dedicated to just this, where you can find writers and they can find jobs like yours.

The content does not have to be all written though. Images and videos can be very appealing to the eye, and these days search engine technology can account for them when it is deciding on your rankings in the search results.

So just for a moment, stop and think.

Are you up to producing well-written articles, brilliant images, and catchy videos? If you are that is great, but if not you should outsource your content marketing.



Research has shown that trying to do every business related job yourself results in a 40% drop in productivity.  Your projects take longer to complete, which in turn does not look good with your customers and this could lose you repeat business. It is far better to outsource some of the jobs, and bookkeeping is a perfect example.

Bookkeeping is a skill all on its own and one that people train hard for. It is much better to have your bookkeeping dealt with by someone who has the knowledge and experience that this task needs. You do not want to be spending hours trying to make sense of figures and the computer programs you have to put them into. Your time would be much better spent dealing with your clients and leaving the bookkeeping to a licensed CPA Auditor.

You would also need to keep up to date with changes in the rules and regulations, and you have enough of that to do relating to your business. A bookkeeper will know what changes will affect your record keeping and will deal with it accordingly.



The US is no different to many other countries in the world in that our payroll system is complex and time-consuming.  You will face fines and penalties if you get it wrong or it is not submitted on time. To compound the problem, tax rates change every year, and you need to be aware of the new rates at the appropriate time.

There are so many rules and regulations to abide by and just one mistake can be the catalyst that starts a tax audit, which could cost you a lot of time and money.

Of all the jobs you could outsource, payroll is one that really needs to be handled by experts in this field. There are agencies that specialize just in payroll, and this would be cheaper than asking your accountant to handle the payroll for you.



Using managed IT services, like those provided by EPC Group could take a lot of worry off your shoulders about the technology you are using, A provider of managed IT services usually takes responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment, for which you, the customer would pay an agreed monthly fee.

There are many different types of agreements offered by the providers of such services, but the idea behind them all is the same. It is meant to transfer the burden of maintaining IT from you to the managed IT service provider.  This *Boston IT support* company stands out as one the best teams to rely on.



Administration can be a real bind. It can tie you up for hours on end when really all you want to be doing is helping your business to grow, Outsource your administration work by hiring a virtual assistant. You only pay for the hours they work, so this can be very cost-effective. No more having to scroll through hundreds of rubbish emails, making appointments or spending time on other mundane tasks. Let your virtual assistant handle everything for you and you will have much more time to do the things you should be concentrating on.

The alternative is to hire a freelance administrator to come to your premises to sort out all the work for you. Whichever you do, you only want to have to pay for their actual hours, so freelance or virtual assistant is a great way to get this mundane task sorted.

Social Media


With over 2 billion users logging into various social media platforms every day of the year, it cannot be ignored. You should have a business page on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, once you have them they cannot be ignored.

Social media is a great way to help your business grow, but to manage it effectively it is very time-consuming. When you first start your business, it is worth dedicating the time needed,  but as your business grows, so will your social media and you will find yourself running out of available time.

You can outsource your social media management so that all the people you have connected with can still interact with you.

There are agencies that specialize in social media management, and freelancers that will happily do it for you.

Look For Other Possibilities


You should look at your own weaknesses and be honest with yourself about which tasks you could outsource to other people. There is no shame in admitting you would not be too good at a particular thing. In fact, that is exactly what the wise business person would do.

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