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The Ameba Effect And Why Recruitment Is About Evolution


Funny enough, most businesses don’t bother evolving with the times when it comes to recruitment. Instead, they use the tried and tested methods which have served them well in the past. In many ways, it’s easy to see why this is a tempting decision. They know these tactics are effective, so why change?


The answer is evolution. Recruitment is like an ameba – it can morph into something new. Over the course of the past decade, the face of the industry is unrecognizable. Keeping up with the times, then, is one reason to invest in the ameba effect.


Here are more reasons for those who need extra evidence.


Time & Money

As far as resources go, time and money are the two biggest in the industry. Being able to save both is a no-brainer, especially in recruitment when it can take weeks to find a recruit. In the past, employers had to sift through resumes and hold interviews to get a grasp on the candidates that would fit into the office. Nowadays, AI technology can do that in a matter of minutes. Not only can you set the parameters to disregard people that don’t fit the criteria, but AI will learn about your preferences over time. As a result, it will choose the applicants based on previous and present likes and dislikes.


Diamonds In The Rough

How many times have you heard or said the phrase “we’ll keep the document on file?” And, how many times have you gone back through the system to look for previous applicants and their suitability for a new role? The sad truth is that once a person fails, they are disregarded. Thankfully, the tide is turning as the industry evolves. In 2018, there is software which will go through the vault and search for candidates with relevant skills and experience. Talent never should go to waste.


Company Branded

Businesses usually see their brand in terms of attracting customers. Well, times are changing and employees expect you to go to them. At least, the quality ones do because there is stiff competition for their signature. So, you need to show why your workplace is the one for them. Humble IT support is an excellent place to start as people being headhunted will research the company and the site is the first port of call. Making sure it’s quick, good-looking and on point will make a fantastic initial impression. Also, technicians can optimize sites for SEO and raise brand awareness.


Target Audience

Although the reputation of the company as a whole is important, the key to marketing is efficiency. What you need to do is get the listing in front of the right eyeballs or else they won’t know about the opportunity. Recruitment is no longer about being passive but active. Thanks to social media, it’s easier to put a targeted ad in the lap of a potential recruit. Merged with big data, businesses can find exactly the right person.


Recruiting is growing and adapting. Are you, too?



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