7 Ways to Create a Promising Company Culture

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A lot is discussed at length about what employers expect from their employees. However, at times companies ignore the need to pay heed to what workers anticipate. Companies are so driven by the virtues of revenues and performance that they snub their people often. What companies do not realize is that meeting employee expectations wherever […]

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Three Leadership Lessons Learned During Covid-19

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The coronavirus pandemic hit us unexpectedly. In spite of the situation at hand, many leaders were able to keep their focus intact and their workload steady. While it’s true that some businesses suffered more than others, most company leaders had enough resources to keep their business up and running.  Since a similar situation could always […]

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How are Companies Navigating Everyday Life in a Remote Work Culture

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The whirlwind of changes that the last year brought turned even the best-laid plans across every industry upside down. Organizations had to radically rethink everything from worker well-being, business models to ways of communication.  Companies had to change the way they navigate everyday work life, and their employees had to balance the newfound way of […]

Instagram Reels: Five Unique Content Ideas To Work Out

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Instagram has created a new feature called Reels. Using Instagram reels, users can make short-term, engaging video content to their fans. If you are looking to work it out, here are the unique five content ideas to move up with. Take a pen and notepad, and be ready for some inspiration. Challenges Keep noticing the […]

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Which Business Functions Need a CRM System?

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There are several key business functions that could benefit from the introduction of powerful CRM software.  For example, when quizzed about why customer relationship management software was adopted, most companies report that the software was brought in to help monitor and manage aspects of the business such as lead management, contact databases, email, marketing, and […]

Why do Most Businesses Fail in the Era of Gen X?

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As a business entrepreneur, it’s challenging to get customers. We often get their attention through various marketing strategies like content marketing, word-to-word marketing, etc. But it’s even tough when you have to reach the Gen x category people who are people at the 50 plus age group, and not familiar with modern strategies. They also […]