12 Best Commencement Speeches from Millionaires – Week-long Motivation Series Part 6

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  During graduation periods, commencement speeches are always very popular and it’s no wonder.  They can be very inspirational and give the graduates a chance to listen to the experiences, values and advice of notable figures.  Today’s post is about celebrating the new and the old.  The video above is a compilation of  12 Best […]

Chris Gardner’s Top Ten Rules for Success: Week-long Motivation Series part 5


  If you have watched the movie Pursuit of Happyness, then you know who Chris Gardner is.  The inspirational movie was based on his life, a man who is the definition of determination.  He now specializes in speaking engagements and helps others reach their full potential.  This clip is a summary of Chris Gardner’s Top […]


8 Motivational Speeches from Movies that Teach an Important Message – Week-long motivation series part 1

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Sometimes we all need a little motivation.  Whether it is because of a tough week, where things just don’t seem to go our way, or because we feel overwhelmed with all that we need to accomplish.  I had that sort of week where the mountain seemed a little higher than usual.   When I need […]