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Celebrating 100 Blog Posts And What I Learned Throughout The Journey

100 celebration

It started off as a dream.  As a child, I often imagined what I would do for a living.  There were two professions that particularly intrigued me; becoming a teacher and a writer.  I got my first full-time job as a salesperson at Future Shop selling TV’s, VCR’s (remember those?) and Camcorders.  I moved my way up the ladder becoming promoted as Sales Manager after less than 2 years.  I became hooked.  Inspiring and positively impacting my team became my passion.

My leadership journey took me through many routes, some very challenging but most very rewarding.  My idea to start a blog back in June 2015, was ignited by two desires; to leave a legacy, and to increase my value in the world.  What if what I shared could help inspire even more people?  I hoped that my blog would be that vehicle.  A vehicle allowing me to educate, entertain or inspire others about my two passions; Leadership and Personal Development.

I didn’t have any idea where to start and I knew my time was already very limited, balancing a career and a family.  I decided to start anyways knowing that I would learn and adapt along the way.

Today is my 100th Blog Post and Here is What I Learned Throughout my Journey:


I think back again to my dream as a child, wanting to be a teacher and a writer.  In some way, I ended up achieving both and for that I am grateful.  If you have been on that journey with me from the beginning, or just recently started, I appreciate having you as a reader.  I hope I can continue being of value.


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What goal have you set for yourself recently?  Have you started your journey towards that goal?


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