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Creating the Perfect Meeting and Presentation Space

When you run a business, you have a whole lot to focus on. At the end of the day, you’ll prove ultimately responsible for every element of operations. You’ll need to make sure that products are being developed, designed, manufactured, advertised, marketed, packaged, posted, and every other element of operations that your business goes through. So, it’s not all too surprising that more niche areas tend to fall through the cracks. But attention to detail is what can really make or break a business. You need to make sure that you’re ensuring every element of your business runs to plan and is of high quality if you want to experience long-term success. An area that may not have crossed your mind before? The meeting and presentation spaces that you provide your teams to work with. At the end of the day, all projects within your company are likely to be collaborative and you’re going to need to ensure that your teams have adequate spaces to work from, present, debate, discuss, and more if you want things to continue in the right direction. Here are a few different things that you can do to create the perfect meeting and presentation spaces within your commercial premises.

Have the Right Premises

First and foremost, you’re going to need to make sure that you have premises that have the size – if not the facilities in place – to host meetings. If you operate from one room, you will find that staff isn’t able to fully discuss what they need to without distracting others. Meeting rooms or presentation rooms should be separate from the rest of your business and its operations. This not only reduces distraction for those not involved, but it can ensure that there is a sense of occasion and importance where people will perk up and pay attention.


As you can imagine, you’re going to need to control acoustics in the space through sound control technologies. Whether that’s noise reducing or blocking tiles for the walls, so that people outside of the meeting don’t have to hear it, or whether that’s microphone systems and speaker systems for larger spaces where people need to speak to larger audiences within your workplace. Make sure that the acoustics of the room are right so that everyone can hear, concentrate and contribute.

Presentation Equipment

It’s always best to have projectors in a meeting space. This can be for presentations, or it can simply be for screen sharing so one team member can work on a document that everyone else can easily see. Presentation equipment really can make all the difference to the productivity of your meetings.


Most people will want to make notes or pull up information on their laptops during meetings. This means that the space should, ideally, have some sort of desk in place. Whether that’s a desk attached to each seat to provide a small space for someone to note take while watching a face-on presentation, or a desk where everyone can sit around and contribute, you’re going to need something to fill this space and tick this box.


Make sure that you also have the right seating. You want staff to be comfortable during get-togethers, as this will ensure that they aren’t distracted by aching backs or other issues. You also need to make sure that seats are ergonomically designed to properly support your team’s bodies and to prevent long-term health complaints like back aches or repetitive strain injuries. At the same time, you don’t want them to be like a sofa, as this encourages relaxation and disconnect. There are plenty of good options out there, so browse them and see which best suits your team.

The information above really should help you to create the perfect meeting space for your team!

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