Dream It, Do It, Inspire Blog Roundup:  Leadership and Personal Development Posts Around the Blogosphere


Reading is an important part of personal development.  The more you read, the more you are exposed to new insights or are reassured by the beliefs you may already have.  Dream It, Do It, Inspire Blog Roundup is about sharing some of the posts that I enjoyed throughout the week.  Grab a Coffee or Tea and take the next few minutes to catch up on some great reads.  Let’s hope that these posts get you to Dream It!  Do It! And Inspire!

Here Are Some Leadership And Personal Development Posts Around The BlogOSphere:

Six Questions You Should Ask Yourself When You Want To Quit – Fast Company

The problem most of us face is not in creating dreams but in turning those dreams into reality.  This post shares questions you should ask yourself before deciding to move on.  If you answer “no” to two or more questions, have that conversation with yourself.  The big one for me is number 6.  If you still answer yes to number 6, keep going.

What Supports High Performing Leaders From Average Ones? – Harvard Business Review

If you’re a leader — or aspiring to be one — you should be frightened. Are organizations in the modern world built for leaders to fail? Or can you overcome these leadership challenges, and if so, how? How can you become a better leader, if not a great one, in this environment?

How 5 Successful Startups That Failed But Got Back Up – Foundr

Many people don’t even start because of their fear of failure.  The fear of failure is a very powerful deterrent.  In this post, Foundr shares what they learned from five successful entrepreneurs about how they have dealt with failure in their ventures.  Sharing what they learned from these interviews, they cover the actionable advice that you can draw from the experiences of their interviewees.

You Have What You Seek – Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell uses the story of the Wizard of Oz to share a powerful message, “You Have What You Seek”.  This article gives advice to get you where you want to go.  It helps you move toward authentic leadership.

5 Secrets To Building Willpower According To An FBI Agent Who Did It – The Muse

LaRae Quy shares what she learned by going through the FBI Academy.  She was pushed to go through obstacles she felt she would never be able to go through.  What she learned from those experiences is the power of willpower and how harnessing it will prepare you to achieve success.

12 Communication Tips You Can Learn From Monopoly – Entrepreneur

In celebration of Parker Brothers’ 80th anniversary launch of Monopoly, Entrepreneur rounds up 12 Communication Tips accumulated from players of the game.  A game about strategy and a game devoted to bankrupting your closest friends and family.

20 Things You Gradually Learn As You Let Go Of The Uncontrollable – Marc and Angel Hack Life

Any member of my team will tell you that I emphasize often the importance of being able to “control your controllables” and learn to let go of what you cannot control.  Marc and Angel share the same message in this post.  It’s all about embracing the truth:  When something happens that is uncontrollable; what you do about it changes everything!

3 Sneaky Ways Complacency Can Kill Success Habits – Dumb Little Man

We have all had that experience in life where we took on some new thing (willingly or unwillingly) that was difficult at first but, with repetition, became less burdensome over time.  We work hard to build success habits.  Doing things a certain way every time where the outcome is predictable and desirable makes life or business easier and more enjoyable.  The persistence of these habits is one of the core principles of lasting success. But, there is a real danger that, as we develop these habits, complacency can emerge as well.  This articles share ways in which complacency can kill success habits and what you can do about it.

Guest Post From Lynn Wicker – You Can Be Stronger Than Your Excuses – Gordon Tredgold

This article is about the power of our limiting beliefs, both in leadership and as parents.  It discusses how cunning our subconscious mind can be when we allow it to lead us around.  Are you someone who finds yourself making excuses for your lack of accomplishments?  If so, then read this post about the importance of being STRONGER than your excuses.

28+ Top Interpersonal Skills [That Employers Love in 2021] – Novorésumé

If your goal at work is to reach your full potential, you’ve probably heard of interpersonal skills. This article is an introduction to what you need to know if you want to improve your relationship with people. Not only will you learn what interpersonal skills are, different types and development, but also what the most in-demand interpersonal skills are and how you can show them off.

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