Dream It, Do It, Inspire Blog Roundup:  Leadership and Personal Development Posts Around the Blogosphere


It has been a while since I posted a Roundup.  Back, due to popular demand, here are more posts that I enjoyed and wanted to highlight.  Grab a Coffee or Tea and take the next few minutes to catch up on some great reads.  Let’s hope that these posts get you to Dream It!  Do It! And Inspire!


Leadership Posts RoundUp


Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess. – Tor Bair

This post is about an interesting comparison of two games; Tetris and Chess.  What does Tor compare these games to?  Life.  He continues to compare Tetris and Chess to Life with four simple points.  These four points are also great lessons on life including, “In life, things don’t get harder — they just get faster”.


8 TED Talks About Work/Life Balance That’ll Change the Way You Think – HubSpot Blogs

Does Work/Life Balance really exist?  I think it is more about finding the ratio that works for you.  What better way to delve deeper into the subject than through TED Talks.  This posts links to 8 TED Talks including, “”How to Make Work-Life Balance Work” by Nigel Marsh.  Enjoy listening to some great talks.


Everything You Need to Know About Executive Onboarding [Mega-Infographic] – Joe Scherrer from The Leadership Crucible

A leader invests a lot of time into finding the perfect candidate.  Hours of interviews, reference checks, and contract negotiations later, you decide on the candidate that you feel will be the perfect fit for your organization.  What is your next step?  How do you ensure that their Onboarding process sets them up for success?  What I enjoyed most from this post, is not only the valuable information that it shares but in the way it is shared.  If you like Infographics, you will love this Mega-Infographic with, “Everything you need to know about Executive Onboarding”.  Once you go through the post, have a look around.  It is filled with great leadership tips.


21 Inspiring Quotes From the Mentor who Taught Tony Robbins How to Be Tony Robbins – Inc

Who was one of Tony Robbins’ mentors?  Jim Rohn, was a mentor for several successful entrepreneurs.  The first time I listened to one of his seminars, I was hooked.  He was legendary in his role as a Personal Development Coach.  This post shares 21 inspiring quotes that will get you thinking.  One that I love is,” Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”  Click the link above to read more.


Master this Skill to Become Instantly Successful – Addicted 2 Success

Is there one skill that can increase your likelihood of being successful?  If you have been seeing tons of productivity articles, it’s because it is the new “buzz word”.  Your productivity is a measure of how much you are able to achieve (not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality) using the resources (including time, finances, educational resources, etc.) available to you. What steps can you take to master this skill?


21 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read Now – LifeHack

Every Entrepreneur or business leader needs to invest in themselves and their skills in order to increase their chance of success.  A skill that every entrepreneur needs to learn is how to sell their idea or product to their customers.  Here are 21 books that will help.


Which post was your favorite?