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Holland America’s Half Moon Cay: A Tropical Retreat Like No Other

Touring a private island is extravagant, but it’s only partially out of reach if you cruise to Half Moon Cay. This private island is a one-of-a-kind natural host and the best private island award winner for twenty consecutive years. 

True that you will share the island with the other passengers on your cruise (and occasionally another ship), but it is still a gratifying experience. Also, the best part is that no pushy salespeople are harassing you as you go up and down the beach, the cuisine is impeccable, and the beaches are immaculate. 

Consider everything about the superb service on your ship and staying at a tropical resort. And you can do both – soak in the silence of the sea and bring out adventure with horse riding in the sea! Is there anything you can’t do on Half Moon Cay? Well, no.

Keep exploring as we reveal the gem secrets of Holland America’s Half Moon Cay, a tropical retreat like no other!

1. US Citizens Can Travel to Cay Without Passports

Being a US citizen, you don’t require a passport to travel to Half Moon Cay as long as you are sailing from the US and not travelling to another nation. A birth certificate is required, and guests above the age of sixteen must additionally present a state-issued ID. For guests below sixteen, a birth certificate is sufficient. 

2. Rent a Cabana or Stay at a Resort, Whatever 

You can rent a villa at Half Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s private resort on Half Moon Cay. These serve as accommodations for up to eight people and start at $600 per day. You’ll also get access to a private hot tub (with seating for five people), a refrigerator, air conditioning (which guarantees comfort on the island), and a misting shower. 

3. Good Luck Finding Wi-Fi on The Island 

Although telephone service is absent on Half Moon Cay, some cruisers claim they can connect to a mast if they have an international plan. There is also no Wi-Fi, so don’t plan on spending the day on social media. 

Half Moon Cay is undoubtedly a tropical resort where you may appreciate the beauty of nature (as well as the excellent cuisine and beverages). So try to enjoy your days with a lack of technology! In an emergency, you can seek assistance from any of the island’s cruise crew, taverns, or stores.

4. Half Moon Cay Sprawls Nine Miles 

In addition to the chief Half Moon Beach near the tender dock, which is 2.5 miles long, there are another 6.5 miles of beach on Half Moon Cay. Some of these beaches are a few kilometres away from the tender dock and are generally quieter. 

Of course, because they’re farther away, you can’t simply sip a drink from the neighbouring bar. You must also remember to return for the ship’s return tenders. However, if you like the idea of calm, try going beyond the first beach you come upon.

5. Don’t Panic If You See a Ship on the Island 

Captain Morgan’s is a three-story pirate ship tavern on Half Moon Cay, not a floating ship. So, relax a little, will you? The first two stories are a bar, where you may enjoy drinks and nibbles, whereas the top deck is more of a photography zone, with amazing views of the surrounding island.

6. The Food’s Free While Traveling

Food is entirely free when you travel to Half Moon Cay. Because the cruise line owns the island, your cruise fee comprises cuisines, too. The only exclusions are ice cream, sodas, and alcoholic beverages. 

On the island, guests can relish a full BBQ lunch buffet from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Following that, customers can get a little snack from the counter. The barbecue menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, ribs, chicken, jerk chips, salsa, and desserts like banana rum cake, tort, brownies, and fresh fruit. 

7. You Can Actually Ride a Horse Through The Sea 

There are several spectacular shore excursions on Half Moon Cay. However, the most notable is Holland America, where you may ride a horse through land and into the sea! Horse riding is safe since the route is not deep beyond the eyes. Plus, the riders have special saddles to safeguard them. 

This unusual adventure is open to everybody – even if you’ve never ridden. It’s a moderate activity that lasts about 75 minutes (including 45 minutes of riding) and costs about $100 per person.


There’s a lot to do and see on Half Moon Cay, some of which may surprise you. Because of this, it is a popular destination for visitors to disembark, so get up early if you want to book a deck chair or hammock. The island gets crowded with cruise passengers, especially on those days when numerous ships dock. 

Besides things mentioned in the article, you can also experience swimming with stingrays, journeying on a tram, chilling in a private cabana with friends, buying world-class souvenirs, and whatnot! 

Have you visited Half Moon Cay yet? If not, now is your chance.  If you are looking for other great tropical ideas, then you can find some private islands for rent.

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