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How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career

As the world and way of living alarmingly changed during the last year, which cost many people their jobs and source of income, the subject of turning a hobby into a career became more and more popular. Most people dream of making money doing what they love, so it’s hardly a new concept. 

However, a fresh start in business is never an easy or simple thing to do, and it’s completely normal to feel frightened and anxious while facing challenges. Especially, if it’s happening under additionally difficult circumstances, as we have in the year 2020 and 2021.

The importance of planning before starting

For some, the best way to start would be to turn a hobby into work, while still having an old job. This strategy could work not just as a financial safety net but also as an opportunity to find out if a new job will be lucrative enough. Although it’s going to be an extremely demanding and exhausting period, the value of this experience, in sense of discovering if we are serious enough about it, will be enormous.

The first thing to establish is what will be our main interests and goals to accomplish. Then, it’s also important to check if expectations can meet the reality and to recognize the potential risks. In some cases, even if we became quite skillful while practicing our hobbies, to make it a profitable business we need to attend training and courses, to gain additional, professional knowledge.

The power of effective scheduling

Since hobby is an activity done for pleasure and in our free time, we need to change our mindset and start taking it differently and more seriously. Schedules are a great tool, perfect for making our new job more disciplined, structured, and organized. By developing the ability to stick to schedules, we simultaneously work on our persistence and improving our daily routine.

Market competition and true measures of success

No matter how tempting it might be to compete with other businesses, it’s important to keep our operation simple and sturdy, so that we can stay loyal to our brand and vision. When we measure our success, the financial benefits should not be the only criteria. We have to take into consideration many things, including how we started, how much of our time and effort we invested, and of course, use reliable tools and techniques to realistically assess our true progress and success.


There is a saying that enjoying a career is more important than the salary. If we can stay true to ourselves, enjoy our hobby as a new career, and earn from it then we can consider this mission accomplished.

Author’s Bio

Nicole Holmes is a journalist and editor at a publishing agency in London. Also, she is interested in reading, dancing, sports, and financial issues.  She can be reached at dissertation writing services UK, where she shares her knowledge, experience, and skills with college students in need of professional assistance. 

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