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How Useful Are Online Reviews for Painting Contractors?

As a consumer, we are checking online reviews more than ever before. But how reliable are online reviews, and do they always tell the full story when it comes to the painting industry?

Nowadays, we have so many services and all sorts of information at our fingertips. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it within a few clicks. When choosing Sydney painting services, we are also lucky enough to have many resources to help us make a decision. 

Review websites such as Yelp and others have changed the trade service industry significantly. Now, we can check out what other people think of a painting service before we choose to give them a buzz.

Recognize that people tend to publish negative reviews

The statistics indicate that unhappy customers of a painting service are much more likely to tell others about their negative experience than someone who received perfectly okay service from their painting company. Reviews work mostly in the same way. 

Only a few people are going to bother about writing a review if the service is as expected. But if a service provider does a particularly bad or good job, it’s more likely to end up on their Google My Business page. They say that ‘5s and 1s’ dominate ratings for a good reason.

Any painting contractor in Sydney is going to have less-than-stellar moments or even unrealistic customers. So, keep in mind that one or two particularly negative reviews don’t necessarily mean you should avoid the painting company altogether. Context is important; don’t be afraid to ask a company about a negative review if you’re concerned.

Getting negative feedback from clients is a common customer service challenge. Negative reviews can actually tell you a lot about the company in the way they respond (if they do so publicly). Is there a response bitter and angry or professional?

Fake reviews are real

Most of us don’t trust online advertising. However, we do trust online reviews. Consumers use online reviews as a tool when deciding about products or services. Business reviews can be a valuable deciding factor for any potential customers. 

A lot of these review sites are still finding their way and figuring out the best means of presenting as legitimate reviews as possible. However, the fact remains that many of the reviews we read on these websites are fake, whether they be positive reviews published by the painting company themselves or negative reviews from competitors or past bitter clients.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore them, but when reading through reviews, be mindful of the fact that some may not be as legitimate as they seem – a little scepticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Most of the time, you should be able to tell which ones are real and which are not.

Use reviews in addition to other sources

Online reviews are super helpful and can usually give you a rough idea about a painting company’s services. However, according to market research, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are the top three sources of fake reviews. Also, remember that there are other ways to ascertain the quality of a painter, along with their online reviews. 

Reading through the reviews should be considered one resource of many that you use to make your decision about a business. Check out the painter’s accreditations and awards, if they have any. Check through their recent work, and feel free to ask for testimonials and references.

Online business reviews regarding local painters in Sydney can be a valuable source of information and are well worth reading through if you’re thinking of going with certain residential, strata, or commercial painting contractors. But remember that they don’t always tell the full story, and your experience may differ completely!

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