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Multiethnic People Discussing About Passion 


In order to be an effective leader, you need to be passionate about your role as a leader. You need to have the leadership skills necessary to inspire people to want to achieve more.  How do you know that being a leader is one of your passions?

There are days where being in a leadership role comes easy and is rewarding.  There are however, those tough days where despite your best efforts, you are not seeing the results.  If leadership is something that you are passionate about, it will make your role as a leader easier.

I can truly say that leadership is one of my strong passions and because of this, I have achieved success as a leader. I started this blog because I am hoping to inspire you to want to be a better leader and focus on the development of yourself and those around you.

When I was first given a general manager role, it was for a big box electronics store (Future Shop).  They gave me a challenge to manage a store in Moncton, New Brunswick for three months.  I was living in Montreal, Quebec.  I jumped at the opportunity since I was committed to proving I could succeed in this role.  Well, long story short, I will go more into detail in another blog post, 3 months turned into 2 years.  Sales and results were doing so great that my return home kept being pushed forward.  In order to achieve this success at the time, I was working extreme hours.  At one point during the Christmas rush, I worked November and December, 7 days a week straight.

At that time, I wanted to start a family, so when I left Future Shop, I decided to leave the retail environment all together. I became a salesperson for an advertising company and worked Mon-Fri, 8-5. As an added bonus, I even made more money than when I managed at Future Shop with 80 employees under me.

However, my husband would frequently comment that I did not “look happy”. I would remind him about my salary and the perks of having a flexible schedule, more trying to convince myself then him. Deep down, I knew he was right.

My decision to return to retail and to a role as a leader was reinforced when I received an email from one of my previous part time stockroom employees. He sent me an email informing me that his stockroom was credited as being the “best in the company” and he wanted to let me know that it was all because of my influence. It had been over two years since I left the company and here he was sharing how I positively influenced his life. That to me was an amazing feeling and I knew then that I want to be in a leadership role again.

So how do you know that leadership is your Passion?


Here are 4 signs that you are passionate about Leadership:

1.  You want to learn everything you can about the subject.

2.  You get a great sense of enjoyment and accomplishment in seeing those you lead develop and succeed.

3.  You are self-motivated on the subject, even when facing set-backs and obstacles.

4.  Even when you are not at work, you find yourself planning other people’s development.

5.  You get energized when you have achieved a positive coaching moment.


Let me know in the comments if leadership is one of your passions.

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