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MY BLOG MISSION – Do not judge a book by its cover

Blog Mission Statement

I committed myself to updating my blog on average 3 times per week.  I was excited when my launch date arrived on June 18th 2015.  I even started new Twitter and Facebook accounts to drive traffic to my blog.  When I saw the next day that I have 30 visits, I was excited until I realized what my blog looked like.

There was only my first and only blog post, “Is Leadership your Passion”.  Now at this writing, there are actually three.  Triple the productivity (insert laughter).

At first glance, it might give you a big yawn.  However, I am sure that with your creative imagination, you will see what “CAN BE” and not “WHAT IS”.

I have two passions outside my family; leadership and personal development.  When I refer to personal development, I am speaking to the development of self and of others.

During my last 20 years of leading and developing people, I have made mistakes, learned from them, made other mistakes and learned from them too.  My point is, if I can help you avoid some of those mistakes, then one of the purposes of this blog is fulfilled.

Personal development has been a lifelong passion.  I believe that whenever faced with an obstacle, you need to look into yourself before you look to the outside.  My development knowledge comes not only from my experiences but from researching and reading books on dozens of subjects.  I also grew a lot by observing the successes and yes failures of others as well.

The importance of being about to develop others cannot be overstated.  In order to achieve success, you need to find ways to help others achieve their successes too.  Through my experiences, leading at times over 100 employees and now 13 stores, I have been fortunate to have found success along the way.

The secret?

Getting Results through my People.  How?  I hope to give you some insight along the way.

Occasionally I will post about a story related to a current event, such as my Father’s Day Post, “A Conversation with my Dad that I will Never Forget”.


Here are the types of subjects that I intend on covering on this blog, (more subjects will be added as the blog progresses):

Leadership Posts:

Personal Development Posts:

Development of others Posts:


There are so many more topics on these three subjects and I cannot wait to dive in.  So subscribe to my blog (upper right hand side) and keep up to date on my posts.

If by the time you read this, I have already been blogging for a while, I hope I was able to achieve my Blog Mission.

Please share your thoughts on which subjects interest you the most.  It will help give me an idea of where to start.

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