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Optimizing Your Factory Layout

Small businesses and startups dance on the razor’s edge. With extremely tight margins and limited resources, any inefficiency can be disastrous. What would be an easily corrected mistake for their larger competitors could be the final nail in their coffin. Every aspect of their operations has to function with precision if they want to have a chance to succeed. One of the best ways young businesses can gain an edge is by optimizing the layout of their factories.


When facilities have a more streamlined configuration, work gets done faster and more efficiently. Those are two crucial components for success for smaller companies. In many cases, speed and flexibility are the core of the value proposition they give their customers. Revising the layout of a production facility is no small feat. It requires proper planning and some collaboration with the people on the floor.


For example, an effective way to improve workflow is to listen to what employees have to say. With their everyday experience, they may be able to steer the process in ways managers might not have considered. Another crucial piece of advice is to ensure preventative maintenance is part of the plan. No one wants or expects important equipment to break down, but investing in regular inspection and repair work often reduces the odds that it will.


For more information, take a look at the accompanying guide, which contains some essential tips for optimizing your factory’s layout to boost productivity.


Optimizing your factory layout for increased productivity guide created by PACK’R
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