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6 Qualities Of People Who Adapt Well To Change


Think back to as far as you can remember.  How many changes have you had to face?  Probably too many to count.  Chances are there will be much more to come.  Change comes in all areas of our lives, financial change, change of jobs, change in relationships, change of environment and a lot more.

Depending on your situation, change can be welcomed or dreaded.  Dealing with change isn’t always easy.  It can be uncomfortable, stressful or bring out our fears.  There was an assistant manager for a store that I once worked with that was so afraid of change that she refused opportunities for growth just because she was comfortable in her comfort zone.

What makes some people welcome change and even get motivated by it, while others resist change as much as possible?


Here are 6 Qualities of People Who Adapt Well to Change:



Self-confidence is always a huge asset in overcoming any challenge, including adapting to change.  When your confidence is high, change does not seem so scary.


Creative Individuals

Those who love challenges and taking action often look forward to new opportunities.  Individuals who are naturally curious tend to see change as a new adventure that will fuel their creativity.


Ability to Adapt

Those who can easily adapt deal well with change.  They find ways to look at the positive and resist getting discouraged.


Can Seek Out Support

When we find ourselves in new waters, we may not know how to navigate.  People who adapt well to change are comfortable seeking out support or advice on how to best handle the change.


Balanced in More than One Area of Life

Having a balance between your personal and professional life is one of the keys to adapting to change.  When your life becomes centered in only one area, any change in that area may become disruptive causing stress and anxiety.  Those who have a variety of interests and priorities deal better with change.


Driven by Personal Development

When you consciously invest in Personal Development, you look for new ways to learn and challenge yourself.  Growth happens outside your comfort zone and what better way to step out of your zone then through change.


What qualities do you feel are important in adapting to change?




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