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Reasons You Should Use SaaS Backup Services 

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Many companies rely on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers for many of their critical business systems and applications. SaaS providers offer users software in form of cloud-based solutions accessible from anywhere so long as one has an internet connection. 

While SaaS companies can save businesses lots of money and offer scalability and many other benefits, using them poses some risks to the companies they serve, for example, data security and loss. To mitigate these data issues, as a user of solutions provided by these software companies, you need to consider using reliable data backup services. 

Here are some of the reasons you need to consider using SaaS backup services:

To fulfill compliance and regulatory needs

Although many businesses are privately run and can make their own decisions, most operate in industries regulated by official bodies that set regulations and have compliance requirements. Do you operate in a sector or industry where applicable regulations and compliance requirements necessitate you to retain data for a given period? Then you need a way of backing up your data in the applications offered by SaaS companies. 

You cannot wholly count on your software provider to back up data for your business. You need to have a reliable way to store and protect your data. This is where SaaS backup services come in and allow you to operate in compliance with data retention requirements applicable to your business. 

To have a faster data recovery solution 

With the possibility of data loss due to various reasons, you cannot run your business without a reliable way to recover data if anything happens. You can be sure that if you use reliable SaaS backup services such as BackupLABS, you can recover your data quickly, and continue running your business without interruption. And even if SaaS vendors have backup solutions, these may not help you adequately as they may not recover all of your data, or may take longer to restore your data causing your business heavy losses.

To protect against invasions 

Companies operate with the constant fear of malicious attacks on their systems, and you should also be concerned that your company’s system could be penetrated. Some common malicious attacks include ransomware which could lead to heavy losses through the deletion or encryption of crucial data.

Fortunately, SaaS backup services allow you to have peace of mind even in the face of malicious attacks because they offer an extra level of data protection against such attacks. These services keep data backups in a different location from the primary storage and offer a faster and easy way to recover data if there are attacks on your data.

To offer comprehensive and customized data backup

Although software vendors or SaaS companies have data backup systems, these solutions are not always as comprehensive as your company may need because they are limited in scope. If your business needs data backup and protection from risks from malicious attacks, accidental deletions, system glitches or failures, and others, then using a data backup service is the best option. These services can be as comprehensive as you want or your business needs, and you can get them tailored to meet your specific company’s needs.


With the increased use of applications from SaaS companies, there is a need for businesses to get reliable SaaS backup services to protect their data, provide comprehensive data storage, and aid faster recovery if need be. You should consider hiring a SaaS backup service if your industry regulations require you to retain data for a given period and to protect your data against accidental deletion, malicious attacks, and other risks.

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