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Self-realization- The Need and Ways!

Self-realization- The Need and Ways

Motivation is the constant source of energy that enlightens our minds to perform better and better with each passing day. Not only in our daily lives but overall while working at offices or at the personal front, we need to grasp techniques that boost our motivational levels.  Also, to improvise in our work field, we need to stay motivated to win at every task and produce optimum results in every task we do i.e. self-realization. 

Now, the most important thing is where to gain motivation from? There are a number of speakers, motivational gurus, books, and other resources online, that help you increase your motivational levels. These are the external sources, on which we generally depend upon. Actually, if we depend upon these sources, then we are always in search of some words or other person, who could drag us from the deep dark tunnel and help us step towards the end, where the light is possibly shining. These external sources are undoubtedly dependable but they make you handicapped and in a way you get addicted to their use. 

So, what’s the solution? What other mediums can we refer to, if we do not wish to depend upon these external motivational sources? 

Well, the very simple and magical answer to your search is somewhere within you. Absolutely You! You have an unleashed an amazingly powerful source of motivation within you- your mind, which is the biggest player of the world. When you have the ability to form or break relationships, get your life going great, grab the greatest degrees, then why can’t you motivate yourself to do the best in any respective field of your choice. 

This self-realization, if achieved that yes, I can control my mind and I can be the biggest source of motivation for myself, can reap great rewards for your future. Once, you have accomplished this state, you can actually feel a change within yourself, a change that commands your personality and speaks for itself. Moving further, this blog will talk about the ways we can retrieve motivation from our minds.

1. Stay positive

First of all, we need to remember, motivation is the positive energy that is disseminated by any source, be it our mind. So, the very first step to train our mind to become its own motivational source is to help it stay positive. When your mind stays positive, you are always in a welcoming state of change. These changes automatically pave your path to success. Remember, your inhibitions to change can prove to be the biggest blockage in your growth, so by embracing change, you let yourself grow in a brighter way. 

2. Be your own critic

Secondly, you need to become a critic of your own flaws. It is when you accept your flaws, you create ways to amend yourself too. With such an introspective mindset, you can surely give a lot more righteousness and perfection to your work. Moreover, keeping the first factor alive, you can motivate yourself to always stay positive and develop an attitude, that comes- may- what, you do have the capability to bring a change. Further by fulfilling the responsibility of a self- critic, you give fewer opportunities to others to point a finger at you. Also, your cautious nature reminds you to adopt rightful ways to achieve your set goals. 

3. Be open to accept your mistakes:

Negativity is the biggest enemy of motivation. If you wish to achieve a state of self- motivation, you need to remove negativity from your mind. Being polite and humble to others and accepting your mistake is the very first step to this accomplishment. So, when somebody tells you that you are wrong, then rather than refuting his statement, you should self- analyze and check within yourself, what went wrong that the other person formed such an opinion about you. It does not mean that you need to be submissive towards each and every person but your self-introspection of the fact allows you to gain more confidence. 

4. Stay confident:

A highly motivated person is always confident towards his abilities and possessions. The skills you possess and the qualities you have to define your characteristics and help you define yourself. The self-realization of being good and kind to others generates more confidence in you and your mind gets motivated to do even better for yourself and the good of others. Furthermore, you should also practice ways which bring a smile on the faces of others and provide peace and calmness to the people around you. These small steps yield more inner satisfaction to you and you gain more strength to stay motivated. 

5. Practise meditation:

One traditional and most effective method of training your mind to stay motivated is to practice meditation. This practice in the early hours of the day or in the evening, allows you to meet your inner self. Also, it should be practiced in a more devotional and spiritual way as it is the definite path to connect your soul with the almighty. Additionally, you can find experts to help in understanding your third eye and harness its potential for increased self-awareness and mindfulness. With such constructive steps, you can easily keep yourself motivated and keep the negative forces away from your mind. Further meditation allows you to shed off your worries and help you stay in an elated mood. The energy you get from meditating is divine, hence fills you with magnificent powers to deal with the difficulties of life.

6. Be patient:

Patience is a virtue and the ones who have it are the true masters of life. If you get skilled in the art of being patient, then you can actually control your mind and its awry thoughts. Thus, being patient introduces you to the very cause of life and creates some space for others to pour in their thoughts. Also, when you become a good listener, you naturally learn the art of adaptation and bringing positive changes in yourself. 

The Bottomline:

It is never late to begin the change. The moment you decide you want to rule your own mind and become the only source for Self-motivation, you actually walk halfway through the process. Thus, the belief, the determination, the self-realization are even more important and authenticating than bloating unnecessarily about the facts around and listening to lectures about motivation. 

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