Don’t Let Dead Dial Tones Kill Your Business

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If you’re starting a business in 2018, the chances are that you’ll consider your online presence before anything else. We’re all about websites, contact forms, and social media accounts now. As such, you might not even spare a thought for your telephone communications in the early days. Who phones companies nowadays, anyway?   In truth, […]


Common Customer Concerns And The Counters

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With all the technology at a company’s fingertips, it’s easy to focus on the things which are unimportant. As Steve Jobs says: “you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward.” The consumer is the most vital ingredient in your success. Find out what he or she wants and give it to them. […]


4 Simple Ways To Impress Your Next Big Client

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Ever wanted to impress your clients and show that you’re in-the-know? Want to let your clients see as you as a professional, despite you only having worked in the industry for a couple of weeks?   In the self-employed line of work, it’s incredibly important that you work on first impressions because without them, you’re […]


2 Reasons Your Customer Service Sucks

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If there’s one thing all business owners and experts can agree on, it’s that customer service is crucial to the success of an organization. If you can offer a top level of customer service, then it generally means your customers are going to be happy and satisfied. This leads to more people returning to your […]


The Only Things Your Customer Needs

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If you are in a business of any kind, you need to make sure that you are thinking about your customer at all times. It is only by being on top of this priority that you can expect your business to continue to grow and develop in a swift and healthy fashion. The truth is that it can seem hard to be […]