How to Overcome Business Uncertainty

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With economic instability on the rise, businesses all over the world have struggled with uncertainty—especially during COVID-19. Thankfully, there are ways you can turn business uncertainty into business opportunity.  There are four key areas of uncertainty that small businesses, growing startups, and entrepreneurs should prepare for. Predictable future: a clear enough future to forecast.  Alternate […]

Guide to Blind Hiring: What it is and How to Implement it

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Bias can manifest itself both consciously and unconsciously throughout the hiring process — and can occur as early as the resume-screening phase. Blind hiring is a recruitment process that can help reduce potential biases through obscuring an applicant’s personal information that could influence a hiring decision.  To help your company better integrate diversity and inclusion […]

Amazing Mindfulness Techniques for Students


Practicing mindfulness can improve both your personal and academic life. This skill makes it possible to focus on the present moment.Mindfulness is accessible to all of us through practice.It’s a convenient skill for students as well since their everyday schedule is usually overwhelmed with new information, social activities, and stress. Mindfulness allows you to perform […]