Sometimes No Matter How Prepared You Are, Things Don’t Go As Planned #5MinMotivation

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You take the time to plan out all the details.  You want to make sure nothing is missed.  Then, stuff happens.  Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, things don’t go as planned.  So, what do you do next?   Get disappointed and give up?  Or use your new environment to plan your next step? […]


Sometimes You Need To Take Care Of You And Walk Away From Energy Drains #5MinMotivation

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A lesson I learned the hard way is how sometimes it is necessary to take care of you and walk away from situations or people that are draining your energy.  Sometimes, that means walking away from negativity.  Even if that means walking away from someone close.  Other times, it means that you just simply cannot […]


Believe In Yourself – Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas) #5MinMotivation

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Self-doubt plagues us all.  Sometimes it is not those around us that cause our biggest self-doubt but ourselves.  You may question how you can believe in yourself when that voice inside you says different.   It has stopped me many a times from going after something I wanted.   Fortunately, self-confidence is a quality you […]


7 Ways To Enter The Flow State, A Key Ingredient To Happiness #5MinMotivation

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What is one of the ingredients to a life worth living?  Do we feel really happy?  Positive psychologists, most notably Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D.–argue that your ability to enter the flow state on a regular basis is a key component of happiness.   By learning how to enter the state of flow you can increase […]