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The Best Way to Prepare Your Home For Extreme Weather

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Extreme weather can happen anytime and with little warning, so it’s best to be prepared throughout the year. It is a good idea to have supplies on hand, to keep everything in good shape to minimize potential damage, and to be ready in case something happens, especially during hurricane season. To make sure the home is prepared for any extreme weather in the area, it’s a good idea to do the following. 

Check the Exterior for Damage

Hurricane season starts in June, so before it begins, inspect the home’s exterior for any damage. Safely use a ladder to look at the roof, without walking on it, to see if it needs any repairs. If so, call a roof repair contractor right away to have the repairs done before there is a storm. This helps prevent damage to the roof during the storm. Inspect the exterior walls, windows, and doors to make sure they are in good condition and waterproof. 

Install Storm Shutters

If the home doesn’t have storm shutters, have them installed. This helps prevent the glass from breaking during extreme weather and further protects the interior of the home. When a storm is imminent, put up the storm shutters or close them, depending on the type, to protect the home. There are numerous types available today, from ones that stay installed but open throughout the year to ones made from wood, metal, or fabric to put over the windows when there’s the threat of extreme weather.

Clean Up the Yard

Take time to clean up the yard and bring in anything that could blow away. Use hurricane ties on trampolines or take the center fabric out so it’s less likely to be picked up by the wind. Pull planters and other items into the garage so they won’t be blown around during the storm. Before hurricane season, take the time to prune the trees. This removes any dead or dying branches, so they won’t fall when it’s windy and raining. While there still can be tree damage during a hurricane, this can help minimize the amount of damage to the property. 

Create a Shelter Inside the Home

Create a space to go to inside the home that’s more protected. This should be an interior room like a closet that is not near exterior walls or windows. This helps to prevent injuries from flying debris and these areas are generally more protected in case there is damage to the roof. Before the storm, bring in any supplies that might be needed, including water and nonperishable foods. Create a ready kit to use during storms to have everything nearby and ready to use if it becomes necessary to head to the shelter inside the home. Make sure everyone knows where the supplies are in case they’re needed.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for any extreme weather, especially during hurricane season. Use the information here to prepare the house and make sure it’s in excellent condition to help minimize the potential for damage. With the right preparation, it’s possible to protect the home and the household, reducing the chance for anyone to be injured. Once the storm has passed, cleanup may even be easier because there isn’t as much damage and debris to worry about. 

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