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What Are the Health Benefits of Adopting a Pet?

When people adopt pets, they are most likely not doing so with all the health benefits at the front of their minds. There are so many reasons to get a pet beyond the health benefits that a lot of people don’t even know that their pet is also providing opportunities for increased well-being. It seems like just another part of human nature to enjoy the company of other species as companions in the home. If you have ever wondered what else your pet provides you with other than friendship, take a look at some of these examples.

More Activity and Exercise

Certain types of pets are excellent for giving their families more chances to go outside and exercise. Dogs are particularly great for this since they require at least one walk a day and lots of playtime. People can walk other pets too, of course, but seeing a cat, ferret, or other species going for a walk with their families is fairly uncommon. Horses can also offer their families more excuses for exercise if the guardians are willing to learn how to ride. Staying active is a huge part of maintaining good physical health throughout life. You may even know someone who adopted a dog because they wanted an energetic hiking partner.

Emotional Support

It is becoming more and more widely accepted that emotional well-being is an important part of overall health. The inability to regulate emotions can lead to all kinds of problems, both mental and physical. With a pet, there is a constant source of companionship and emotional support that doesn’t come with the perceived judgment of other people. Those with anxiety find that doing something challenging with their pet alongside them makes the whole process easier.

Responsibility and Routine

It isn’t always straightforward to work out a suitable daily routine and stick to it. However, taking care of a pet requires you to develop a routine that ensures your pet stays fit and healthy. This might include regular walks, consistent feeding times, and visits to the vet at By focusing on a routine that caters to the needs of another, your routine starts to fall into place. Having a pet is a great start for anyone hoping to add some structure and purpose to their days.

Lower Stress Levels

There are many studies that demonstrate how frequently engaging with a friendly animal such as a pet can noticeably decrease the levels of stress hormones in people. Spending quality time with your pets is not only a way to relax but is also a worthwhile remedy against anxiety and unhappiness. Of course, petting an animal won’t solve all of the problems that are causing you stress, but it can help you to think more clearly. When your levels of stress are lower, you will find it easier to concentrate on finding solutions to your problems and feeling better overall. The research continues to point to pets as a valuable source of health and well-being.

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