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Why Invest in A Split System Air Conditioner? – 8 Key Reasons

In recent decades, split system installation has experienced a wave of popularity. Countless brands have released their variations of these unique single-unit heating and cooling systems. 

One of the drivers of this popularity is their compact design and ability to work in a wide variety of settings, from homes to businesses and everything in between. Although small, these units come with a serious capacity for consistent heating and cooling.

Split systems have become the air conditioning solution of choice for an array of reasons – factors that we will go on to outline throughout this article.

1. Versatility

In terms of heating and cooling versatility, a split system installation is practically unmatched. Each air conditioner comes with the innate capacity to adapt to its environment. A split system can almost instantly transfer from cool to heat mode and vice versa.

Another area of versatility lies in their positioning. While ducted units require ceiling space and evaporative coolers often need roof placement, a split system air conditioner typically requires as little as a wall to be mounted on. This opens a wide array of opportunities to position the air con in different rooms. Of course, they still require professional installation – yet this installation can often take place in various areas across the property. 

2. Precise Temperature Control

Equipped with all-in-one heating and cooling technology, split systems effortlessly switch between different temperatures. This has made them ideal for summer, spring, winter, and autumn. Whether you require instant cooling at 18 degrees, a comfortable 22 for the office, or 24 plus for icy nights, the options are endless.

Unlike thermostats that typically affect the entire house, the temperature on a split system installation can be tailored specifically for the immediate area. For this reason, they are perfect for avoiding temperature preference differences in your home.

3. Ease of Use

This brings us directly to another personalized feature. As long as the remote control has batteries, split systems are incredibly easy to operate. Since the addition of reactive remote controls, their function has become even easier. Simply sit back on the couch or your favorite chair and instantly adapt the air conditioner to meet your preference. 

If you are working from home, the adaptive temperature control and remote capacity mean that you can activate the system with minimal disruption to your schedule. All it takes is a press of a button. 

4. Quiet and Noninvasive

In the past, certain air conditioners were loud, invasive, and disruptive. These days, split systems have all but removed this concern entirely. Unless something is wrong with your split system, they operate in a whisper-quiet fashion and offer minimal disturbance to the daily routine.  

The volume factor is particularly critical in the context of workplaces and customer settings – anywhere where the goal is to minimize external distractions. When placed in the living or dining rooms, a split system complements a relaxed lifestyle whilst providing the precise comfort you need.

5. No-Fuss Installation

Since a split system air conditioner is designed for your property’s interior, the installation process is far easier than other counterparts. Heating and cooling solutions that rely on ceiling space, under-the-floor placement, or window fitting naturally make installation more difficult. 

If time is of the essence, split systems are generally the way to go. HVAC professionals can generally carry out the setup within a quick turnaround and have your new air-con up and ready to go. Due to their popularity, heating and cooling companies perform split system installation regularly. Therefore, it should all be a smooth and easy process from start to finish.

6. Four Seasons Comfort

There are countless heating and cooling alternatives on the market. However, many are specifically designed to accommodate one and not the other. This is one of the major advantages afforded by brand new split system installation. Rather than spending money on a heater for winter and cooling for summer, these systems offer 4 seasons of comfort in a single package.

While faults are unlikely during the post-installation phase, arranging regular maintenance is a simple way to keep your air conditioner humming all year long. You can organize preventative maintenance with the same company that installs the system or opt for a specialized repairer. 

7. Increased Security

As we noted earlier, one of the key features of a split system setup is its versatile placement. While a window-mounted or external air conditioner is left exposed to thieves and vandals, split systems lie protected inside your home or business. A thief is highly unlikely to enter your property and disconnect the split system from the wall. 

The internal placement also safeguards your air conditioner from weather exposure, erosion, and damage. This could save you a significant amount on subsequent repairs and maintenance costs. In addition, faults with a split system air conditioner can be easier to identify than is the case with larger ducted arrangements.  

8. Affordability

For the level of comfort they provide, a split system installation represents excellent value for money. Opting for a known name brand will guarantee ongoing performance and quality over time. Organizing installation, maintenance, or repairs for your split system air conditioner is also easy and cost-effective. 

Of course, a large factor in this affordability equation centers on energy costs. While ducted networks possess the ability to cover large areas, they are typically expensive to run – particularly when used regularly. If you have rooms or interiors that are unused, ducted heating and cooling may be going to waste. 

Speak to a Heating and Cooling Provider

If split system installation sparks your interest, the next step is to speak to a specialist heating and cooling provider. Their staff should be able to clarify any major or minor questions you may have about a surrounding function, installation, energy costs, and more. In the meantime, you can always research the various brands and find the exact air conditioner that matches your individual preference. 

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