5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Store Windows Clean

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A clean physical store is essential in running your business. Cleanliness creates a positive image; therefore, customers feel more comfortable entering a clean shop and browsing products. On the other hand, a dirty store doesn’t inspire trust in most people.

Keeping a clean storefront is especially important for building an excellent first impression. Every day, your storefront is exposed to dust, dirt, bug droppings, and the elements, so the windows and doors can quickly get grimy.

If you want to maintain a clean storefront all the time, check out these window-cleaning tips for shop owners. Before that, though, here are a few reasons you should always have clean shop windows and doors.

Why You Should Keep Shop Windows and Doors Clean

The benefits of maintaining clean storefront windows and doors are the following:

  • Clean store windows and doors create a positive image. The storefront is the first thing passersby see. Having a clean and orderly facade contributes to the curb appeal of your store.
  • They increase the visibility of your shop and products. Almost all shops have clear glass windows and doors. If they’re greasy and covered in dust, people won’t be able to see your display clearly or peer into your shop. This lowers the chance of potential customers entering your store.
  • They help improve employee health. Dirty windows reduce the amount of natural light that filters into your store. Plus, they can introduce air contaminants that will lower the indoor air quality. Little to no natural light and poor indoor-air quality can have harmful effects on people’s physical and mental health.
  • They help attract more customers. Most people will avoid places that look dirty and shabby. If your storefront looks like that, don’t expect a lot of people to check out your shop.

Tips for Keeping Store Windows Clean

Follow these tips to ensure that your storefront windows and doors are always clean:

Get the Right Window-Cleaning Equipment

To get off to a good start, it’s important to have essential equipment for cleaning windows. Consider investing in top-grade window-cleaning tools and supplies similar to what professionals use.

Professional window-cleaning equipment can be more affordable, accessible, and user-friendly than you think. They’re also incredibly durable, which makes them well worth the investment. 

Here are the essential tools for turning windows spotlessly clean:

  • Wide bucket
  • Squeegee
  • Scrubbers
  • Scrappers
  • Lint-free rags
  • Telescopic poles
  • Replacement rubber blades

You can find quality tools and supplies in most hardware stores, but your best bet is to buy from a trusted seller of window-cleaning supplies.

Use the Right Products

There are numerous cleaning products for different surfaces. A lot of storefront windows and doors are made mostly of glass. You can either buy a specialized window-cleaning solution or create your own. In most cases, liquid dishwashing detergent mixed in water will do.

Some people also use vinegar and water. If you’re using a squeegee, it’s better to use the detergent-water mix because it creates suds that allow the tool to glide more smoothly on the glass.

Pro tip: Use cold water when cleaning windows because hot water evaporates more quickly, giving you a shorter time to clean. Also, use purified water because unpurified water can leave streaks when it doesn’t dry thoroughly.

Follow the Proper Way to Clean Surfaces

Pros have techniques to ensure a streak-free surface after cleaning and to clean every inch, including the edges, in the shortest time possible. Usually, they prepare everything they’ll need for cleaning beforehand so they don’t need to go back and forth to get a tool. 

Have your equipment ready in the bucket. Mix your cleaning solution before heading to the site where you need to clean in case you don’t have a water supply nearby. Prepare backup rags and rubber blades for your squeegee, as well.

Learn how to use your window-cleaning tools before taking on your first cleaning job. This will help minimize the time for cleaning and prevent any damages. Some tools, like the scrapper and swivel poles, require care, precision, and some practice to use proficiently. 

Check out these window-cleaning tips from a professional window cleaner.

Clean Windows (and Doors) Every Day

Regular window cleaning is vital to ensure your storefront is always pristine. You don’t need to clean everything thoroughly every day, but you do need to wash your windows and doors daily. Dirt, dust, debris, and oil can collect on the glass windows and doors at the end of the day, so you have to clean them every day; otherwise, they’ll look grimy. Moreover, you should also disinfect doors and handles several times a day to ensure the health and safety of the people coming in and going out of your store.

Invest in a Commercial Cleaning Service

There are many areas that you or your employee won’t be able to clean as well as a professional window cleaner can. If your store has tall windows or a second floor, it’s best to leave these jobs to the professional to avoid accidents and get better results.

Professional cleaning technicians have the necessary equipment and techniques to tackle all sorts of mess. Consider investing in a commercial cleaning service at least once a month to give your windows a thorough cleaning to keep your business facade well maintained and make it appear welcoming to customers.