How to Write an Employee Attendance Policy

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In a perfect world, every employee would show up to work on time every day. But the truth is, life happens, and no matter how responsible or committed your team may be, there are going to be circumstances—whether that’s a last-minute family emergency, a scheduling miscommunication, or transportation troubles due to inclement weather conditions—when your […]


The Fastest Way to Achieve Financial Freedom: A Visual Roadmap

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Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom. Having the ability to pay for expenses easily and being completely independent of others is a significant milestone. This is the main reason why many people are continuously working towards this goal. But with the happenings of everyday life, many are understandably having a tough time accomplishing this feat.  […]

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Outsourcing Tips: How to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

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Providing excellent customer support is crucial to the success of your business. When you meet your customers’ needs and assist them with their concerns, you help them use your products, allowing them to benefit from your services more effectively. As a result, your customers gain additional value from your business and you boost their patronage […]


7 Ways To Create Content That Will Attract Backlinks in 2020

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Search engines are constantly evolving. If previously purchased links helped to bring the site to the TOP of search results, now, in the era of Google Penguin, it becomes easier to determine when unnatural methods of obtaining backlinks are used to promote the site. Both algorithms identify sites that are using SEO links for search […]


7 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Adopt New Technologies

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Choosing and implementing new technology is challenging, but not near as challenges as getting employees – especially sales teams – to use it.  People are naturally resistant to change. We’re creatures of habit and can easily be overwhelmed at the prospect of learning new technology. Sales teams present a unique challenge in technology adoption. Every […]


Leading Social Media Marketing for The Hospitality Industry

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The essence of having the best hotel promotion strategies are hard to overstate, since it is the main part of launching the hotel, creating brand awareness, optimizing the rate of bookings generated, and taking care of your reputation. If you are a company looking for the best hospitality social media marketing strategies for your hotel, […]