Important Social Media Trends in 2021

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As people stayed inside to slow the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of social media users and screen time skyrocketed. And with this increase came more opportunities for businesses to market themselves through social media platforms. After all, it wasn’t just social media screen time that was increasing. The amount of online sales was also substantially […]


Measuring the Impact of a Global Pandemic on the International Trade

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The impact of the global pandemic is already visible in numerous aspects of life in modern society. While industries like hospitality may have taken the greatest hit, things are not great for manufacturing and similar other industries either. The fact that not all regions are hit with equal intensity has made some governments wary to […]

6 Employee Engagement Trends In 2021

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Source: Pexels Corporate success is every employer’s dream. However, that success can’t happen without employees and their engagement at work. All the more so when employee engagement also has an effect on their productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. That is why you should focus on engaging employees as much as you can. Following trends […]

How To Get More Confidence In Business: 10 Confidence Building Tips

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How can you get more confidence in the business world? To help you gain more confidence in the business world, we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their best advice. From reading books to gaining experience out of your comfort zone there are several tips that may help you to ultimately gain […]

7 Workforce Management Solutions Every Business Owner Must Consider

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As a business owner, there are moments when you need to be strict on your employees without seeming like the villain. The work environment can also at times get hostile with employees going at each other. To effectively manage the work environment, most employees have devised and put in place measures to manage any issues […]