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Instructions For Managers: How To Manage Remote Employees

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The popularity of remote work is growing, and many managers want to implement this format in their companies. But they’re afraid that they won’t be able to control their work processes. You can start small by reading these tips… Advice. 1. Move on to remote work gradually Managing a remote team requires a completely different […]

Keeping the Workplace Peace: How to Deal With Employee Turnover by Handling Conflict

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Part of building a successful company is creating a peaceful, collaborative, and supportive work environment for your team. But no matter how great your work environment (or your team members), at some point, conflict is inevitable.  You can’t avoid workplace conflict entirely. But it’s how you handle that conflict—both as a leader and as an […]


How To Nail Your Next Public Speaking Gig With 5 Great Tips

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This is an interesting time for budding public speakers. On one hand, the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have prevented most public gatherings from happening, turning public speaking as we typically understand it into a non-starter — and that might not change for some time yet. Anyone hoping to stand in front of a […]