Business Software Directory Recognizes GrowSurf With 2 Marketing Software Distinctions

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After a thorough examination from FinancesOnline’s B2B software experts, GrowSurf, a free referral software tool, received two prestigious recognitions: the Great User Experience and Rising Star award. Generally, FinancesOnline’s experts praised GrowSurf’s ease of use. “GrowSurf makes it easy even for novice digital markets, agencies, enterprises and organizations of all types to create and launch […]

Why We Built GrowSurf When There Are Already 50+ Other Referral Marketing Software Solutions Out There

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There are already 50+ referral marketing solutions out there, so why did we build another one? The year was 2015, and we needed to implement referrals for our own SaaS businesses. We really admired freemium tools HotJar, Mailchimp, Zapier, Firebase, and Heroku] that democratized core services for startups and small businesses. We were looking for […]

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How to Plan for Retirement When You’re Self Employed

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The self-employed don’t have access to traditional 401Ks or pensions. They may also deal with irregular income while focusing on growing their business instead of saving for the future. However, as a self-employed person, you must take the initiative to plan for your retirement. This is true whether you’re an independent contractor, sole proprietor, or […]

What Is Reverse Logistics? The Delivery Process You’re Overlooking

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Image Source If your business doesn’t have a great reverse logistics plan, you could be losing revenue and not even realizing it.  Planning for products to return to your company (returns management) may seem counter-intuitive. Still, for companies that offer rentals, product pick-ups, or any type of logistics management, the path backward can be just […]


Tips On Finding Executive Candidates For Your Company

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As a business owner, there are many difficult business processes that may either make or break your company. One of these processes includes the executive hiring process, which refers to the recruitment of the right candidates for the top or leadership positions in your company. Executive positions include senior managers such as the CEO, directors, […]

Introduction to Pillar Designs [Infographic]

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Workplace Well-Being  We all know that some workplaces can be hard on the well-being of employees. Sometimes the job is stressful; supervisors may have poor management skills; or perhaps the work environment simply does not provide opportunities for staff to achieve a positive work-life balance.  Whatever the cause, the known consequences of poor mental well-being […]