How to Properly Recognize Employee Accomplishments

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Employees in your company work hard, so they deserve to be recognized. When employees work in an environment that they feel doesn’t appreciate their work or successful results, they might start to look for a position at another company or slack off in their work. To prevent either of these things, you should consistently recognize […]

Turnover Turbulence: Understanding The Impact of High Employee Turnover

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When it comes to maintaining productivity in the workplace, you need a team of hard-working, efficient, and loyal employees. Ideally, your company wants to protect the star employees who keep your company running like a well-oiled machine, but that can be difficult to guarantee.   While every small business experiences some degree of turnover, or […]

5 Simple Habits of Top Performing Leaders [Infographic]

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A good leader can spell the difference in a company’s operations—from motivating employees to making quality and even overcoming workplace obstacles. But what makes a good leader?   A good leader stands out through their strong values and dedication to continuous improvement, allowing them to back up their management styles and be effective at their […]