8 Ways to Build Strong Business Relationships

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Success may mean different things to each person, but there’s one fact that applies to every situation and definition: real success is only possible by building great relationships and meaningful connections. Beyond key performance indicators, strong business relationships with stakeholders and customers keep businesses afloat and on top of their competitors.   It takes kindness […]


Creating an Inclusive Culture | Interview with Teresa Hopke, CEO at Talking Talent

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The words diversity and inclusion have now become so popular that it is an important part of any company’s talent strategy plan.  Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce requires companies to create a workplace in which everyone can thrive and do their best work.    According to Harvard Business review, when an employee has a feeling […]

How to Write an Employee Attendance Policy

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In a perfect world, every employee would show up to work on time every day. But the truth is, life happens, and no matter how responsible or committed your team may be, there are going to be circumstances—whether that’s a last-minute family emergency, a scheduling miscommunication, or transportation troubles due to inclement weather conditions—when your […]


7 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Adopt New Technologies

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Choosing and implementing new technology is challenging, but not near as challenges as getting employees – especially sales teams – to use it.  People are naturally resistant to change. We’re creatures of habit and can easily be overwhelmed at the prospect of learning new technology. Sales teams present a unique challenge in technology adoption. Every […]

The Frozen Middle: The Plight of Middle Management

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Day-to-day middle management responsibilities vary from company to company but at the core, their role involves carrying out direction from upper management and managing junior and associate-level employees. In this position, effective internal communication is integral to company-wide progress. If internal communication stops in middle management, progress can come to a halt, causing an organization […]


Tips On Finding Executive Candidates For Your Company

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As a business owner, there are many difficult business processes that may either make or break your company. One of these processes includes the executive hiring process, which refers to the recruitment of the right candidates for the top or leadership positions in your company. Executive positions include senior managers such as the CEO, directors, […]


Calling for an Evolution of Leadership: Today’s Leaders Must Empathize and Understand

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Teresa Hopke, CEO, Talking Talent 2020 is the year that has changed our world of work forever. It’s been challenging in so many ways – and it’s also had a huge impact on leadership. From boardrooms to living rooms, meeting rooms to spare rooms, leadership has moved away from face-to-face interactions to digital communications. At the same […]