Audio Marketing: From Analog Radio to the Freshest New Social App

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Audio marketing is far from the days of fuzzy static sounds emitting from turn-dial boxes.  Now, easy-to-download podcasts and new social applications like Clubhouse make audio one of the most accessible marketing channels for every niche.  With lots of listeners and the projected growth predictions looking strong, this is a marketing channel worth learning about.  […]

This Is Why Your Company Should Set up an Employee Injury Prevention Program

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A workplace injury occurs every 7 seconds. Unfortunately, most injuries are preventable, and the fault often lies with the employer rather than the worker.  Injury prevention programs help keep the workplace safe and reduce the risk of unnecessary injuries. Maintaining a safe workplace is a legal requirement, but there are other benefits to refreshing your […]

Guide to Blind Hiring: What it is and How to Implement it

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Bias can manifest itself both consciously and unconsciously throughout the hiring process — and can occur as early as the resume-screening phase. Blind hiring is a recruitment process that can help reduce potential biases through obscuring an applicant’s personal information that could influence a hiring decision.  To help your company better integrate diversity and inclusion […]

6 Statistics that Prove the Value of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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All entrepreneurs will agree that running a company can be very taxing. In particular, during the first few years, limited workforce and resources compel business owners to juggle multiple responsibilities. Apart from overseeing basic operations, CEOs need to handle marketing, sales, and other aspects essential to success. As the leading person of your organization, it’s […]

The Essentials to Build Thought Leadership as a Business Leader

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source: Thought leadership is a term that shows up frequently in the business world. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need more than just a commitment to a great idea and a passion for productivity.  The best company owners supplement their company’s reputation with their own personal brand.  They do this by establishing themselves […]