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Insurance Against a Recession? A Strong Customer Engagement Strategy

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Recessions are an inevitable and natural part of the economic cycle. As consumer demand dwindles, businesses scale back production and hiring. This leads to even less consumer spending, which further fuels the downward spiral. Economic downturns are inherently worrying especially for small business owners that might not have the financial resources to cover ongoing expenses. […]


The 10 Secrets to Cultivate an Engaged Workforce

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Employee Engagement is a proven technique that can help organizations maximize their productivity and climb the ladders of success. Thus, aspiring employers like you, from across the globe, always find themselves brooding over ways to establish a culture of absolute employee engagement in their organization. This article will serve as a beacon in helping you […]


The Only Way Forward (Is Up): Promoting an Environment of Continuous Improvement

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You love your work. Every day is a new challenge and an unexpected opportunity. But you’ve been around long enough to know that your company is only as strong as its people. Being a good leader means understanding better than anyone that success isn’t measured by dollars earned or contracts signed. It’s about developing your […]


The Huge Cost of Bad Hires — And How to Stop It

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There’s one word that makes C-level executives, human resources departments, operations personnel, sales teams, and financial staffs cringe: Turnover. When a single new hire doesn’t work out, stress ripples through the organization. When it happens repeatedly, those ripples of stress quickly become a tidal wave that wipes out profits, employee engagement, and revenue growth. Turnover […]

Lead Grow Develop - 14 Tips on Overcoming Adversity Secrets From Small Business Owners

14 Tips on Overcoming Adversity – Secrets From Small Business Owners

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Business isn’t easy. It’s a road filled with adversity. You’re faced with new challenges every day and it can often seem like you’re just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. When it comes to business, two minds really are better than one. It helps to receive advice from people who’ve been there, […]