Five Major Benefits of Hiring the Top Mobile Testing Company That You Need to Know

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Do you like cutting costs by not testing the mobile phones you manufacture? Do you think it will benefit you financially in the long term? Well, I don’t think so because launching smartphones without testing them properly will increase your expenses on the rework and repair work down the road. Not just that, customers may […]


Top Tips To Ensure You Hire The Best Employees For Your Firm

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Most business owners widely acknowledge that their firm’s greatest resource is its staff. Employees are the lifeblood of a firm providing goods, services, and support to its clients, so hiring the right staff is essential if your company is to be successful. However, finding the right people can prove challenging for many business owners – […]


30 Mottos Of World-Class Leaders #5MinMotivation


What does it really mean to be world-class?  World-Class defines something or someone that is the best in the world. I remember when I was General Manager of a large department store, they were aiming to deliver world-class customer service.  Great ambitions, but, then they proceeded to cut back significantly on payroll and training of […]