Coronasomnia: How to Combat Anxiety-Induced Insomnia During the Pandemic

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For many working professionals, the past year has caused a lot of added anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic brought job instability and business closures, and millions of Americans had to adapt to remote work environments and a restructured company culture. All of this added stress has taken a toll on people’s quality of sleep and led […]

How to Decode Different Types of Smiles and Become a Better Non-Verbal Communicator

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If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over a year of remote work and Zoom calls, it’s that non-verbal communication can speak volumes. While you may not think anything of that half-smile you shared when a coworker told a joke that didn’t land — that’s actually one of the many different types of smiles and […]

Instagram Reels: Five Unique Content Ideas To Work Out

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Instagram has created a new feature called Reels. Using Instagram reels, users can make short-term, engaging video content to their fans. If you are looking to work it out, here are the unique five content ideas to move up with. Take a pen and notepad, and be ready for some inspiration. Challenges Keep noticing the […]

Three Ways to Embrace Personal Development as a Teacher

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As a teacher, you are regularly going to come up against new challenges at work.  These challenges can relate to your students, your co-workers, your superiors, and even to yourself. Finding ways to move through these difficult moments is imperative to furthering your professional and personal development as a teacher. It can be hard to […]