How to Improve Your Resilience and Leadership Skills in Challenging Times

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During my years of adventure travel (How to Travel the World for Free; PBS/Tonight Show), I’ve developed strategies for improving my resilience, especially in times of crisis and change. I think resilience is the key to a successful and happy life – and the good news is that we can always work on it. I […]

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Discover the Power of Being Assertive in Team Communication

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You may have already heard about the term “assertiveness”, and if you haven’t, it’s the perfect time to learn more about this amazing communication skill! It helps individuals express themselves effectively, stand up for their point of view firmly and fairly, without being rude or aggressive.  Becoming a strong and confident communicator is important in […]

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How Entrepreneurs Mistake Stress For Hard Work

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Pexels – CC0 License When people start businesses, they imagine that they’ll have more control over their lives, finances, and time. But once they get into it, they discover something different. None of those job perks are forthcoming. Instead, they feel more stressed and trapped than ever.  Many founders and business leaders talk about their […]

Words of Wisdom from Women in Fintech

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We all face different obstacles in life, and for women in the fintech (financial-tech) space, there is much to overcome. In a vastly male dominated industry, the amount of women-held roles is miniscule compared to men’s. Take the tech giant Google, for example—just 30.9% of their overall workforce is women, who make up only 21.9% […]