Lead Grow Develop - 14 Tips on Overcoming Adversity Secrets From Small Business Owners

14 Tips on Overcoming Adversity – Secrets From Small Business Owners

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Business isn’t easy. It’s a road filled with adversity. You’re faced with new challenges every day and it can often seem like you’re just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. When it comes to business, two minds really are better than one. It helps to receive advice from people who’ve been there, […]


You Don’t Need a Promotion to Feel Fulfilled


https://unsplash.com/photos/Y5kUfZypK7s   When many professionals think of being fulfilled, they imagine themselves excelling at work, being praised by their boss, and achieving that promotion they’ve always dreamed of. This is an admirable goal, and it’s essential to think about your professional future, it is not the only way one can be fulfilled in life. In […]

Racism, Retaliation and Othering

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Racist comments are damaging, so is othering the one who said it   I want to acknowledge that I am writing this from a place of privilege. I am a straight-white-man. That said, My father is Jewish and I’ve experienced limited discrimination from being subjected to anti-semitic comments and beliefs.   By othering, I mean […]