How to Make Your Relationship More Enjoyable This Holiday Season


From family visits and endless parties to possible travel and additional spending, the holiday season tends to be a particularly stressful and challenging time. This year, however, it became even more demanding to cope with seasonal changes, as the coronavirus pandemic forced most of us to stay locked inside our homes, completely disrupting our usual […]

Mark Your Calendars: A Guide to Holidays and Long Weekends in the Philippines

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Every working person always looks forward to receiving their paycheck and having a vacation. Holidays are the time for Filipinos to have fun and bond with their family and friends and take time for themselves before returning to their jobs.  The amazing thing about the Philippines is despite the fact that employees have to work […]

Steps You Can Take to Achieve Your Legal Career Goals

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A legal career founded on vague notions is characterized by misplaced priorities, superficial success and accomplishment, and a stagnated career. Successful lawyers continuously seek new challenges, self-reflect, and readjust their goals. Chronic job dissatisfaction is a clear sign that you need to inject new energy and momentum into your career. Image by Tingey Injury Law […]