How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Your Strengths

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Everyone wants to be good at everything. Excelling at your work, being successful and fulfilled in your personal life, overcoming every obstacle that comes your way with ease – however, life is not so easy. People undoubtedly have vast differences in their personalities, skills, and competencies. Obviously, these differences are what make us who we […]

5 Life Admin Tasks You Can Tick Off Your Novel-Length To-Do List

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Everyone has one of those lists… those ever-growing to-do lists of essential admin tasks that can easily be put off, procrastinated for another time. We’re not judging you. We’re all guilty of it but there’s nothing more satisfying than finally checking one of those items off your list.  So check out this list of life […]

Amazing Mindfulness Techniques for Students


Practicing mindfulness can improve both your personal and academic life. This skill makes it possible to focus on the present moment.Mindfulness is accessible to all of us through practice.It’s a convenient skill for students as well since their everyday schedule is usually overwhelmed with new information, social activities, and stress. Mindfulness allows you to perform […]