Best Country in Europe for Startups and Founders

When it comes to choosing a country to open a startup in, there are many options available. Choosing the correct country is very important due to some countries’ economic and political climates being more favorable to entrepreneurs than others. In Europe, there are many countries that are ideal for opening a startup. 

Some of these options are Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, and Switzerland. These countries all have political climates ideal for the needs of budding entrepreneurs. Switzerland is probably one of the most sought-after nations, and for good reason.


Switzerland is a small nation in the center of Europe and is made up of 16,000 square miles. It is also known for being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The nation has many favorable characteristics, such as low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and one of the highest gross domestic products (GDP) per capita internationally. The country has such a strong economy based on low corporate taxes, a high-tech manufacturing industry, and a highly developed service sector. 

Swiss banking also offers an allure due to it being very secretive. Protecting the information of your business is a very important step for entrepreneurs exploring new ventures.

The Swiss constitution allows anyone, even foreigners, to run a small business or company n the country. Entrepreneurs must have a clear idea of their business plan before they plan on opening a startup in Switzerland.

Benefits of Opening a Startup in Switzerland

Over and above the beautiful scenery, there are many reasons to start a business in Switzerland. Some of the reasons that many people lean towards Switzerland as an option when opening a business are:

  • A liberal labor market
  • A strong currency and economy
  • A politically stable economy
  • An important financial center
  • The infrastructure and management are efficiently run and work excellently
  • An efficient and reliable administration system
  • It is the location of the head offices of a multitude of firms
  • A liberal tax system

Forming a Company in Switzerland

Should all the benefits on offer grab your attention, then you may be heavily considering starting a company in the country. If that is the case, you need to start by analyzing whether your product or service interests anyone there. After that, you need to assess your competition and whether you can be profitable competing in the market.

After you complete the previously mentioned steps, you should begin researching the Swiss market. This includes analyzing competition and whether the market you are interested in can maintain a new entrant. This step involves analyzing, gathering, and evaluating information.

Once you have completed your analysis of the market and decided on the type of business that you wish to start, you can decide on the company name. Once deciding on the title, you can check if it is still available and, if so, can register the name at the Switzerland Company Registry for approval.

After the registration of the company name has been completed, you can decide on the structure of the business. This refers to the type of ownership that you desire for the startup. There are six options when trying to register your business in Switzerland. These options are:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Office

Whichever of these options you choose should work well with your business model and suit the needs of your startup. Important to note is that as a foreigner of the country, you must be a Swiss resident or have a partner who is a Swiss resident in order for you to start a business. 

Once all these preliminary steps are completed, the business can be registered at the Commercial Registry of Switzerland.

Depending on the type of business entity and activity that your business follows, you may just be required to register for tax. An application must be sent to the Federal Tax Administration after all other processes are complete.

The Bottom Line

There are a variety of countries in Europe that are great places to start a business. Switzerland is definitely one of the frontrunners in this regard. It has a wonderful political and economic climate that makes it easy for any entrepreneur to open a successful business.