How To Bounce Back After A Layoff

When it comes to bad situations, preparation is key. Knowing what to do and how to react in a multitude of potential circumstances can be the difference between giving up and getting up. For example, understanding how to deal with a layoff before it occurs means you will be able to deal with the unfortunate reality and bounce back.


It’s important that you take enough time to react to your job loss in a healthful manner without taking too much time. You must pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start looking for work sooner rather than later. A large amount of time between jobs is a red flag for potential employers, and you don’t want to give them any reason to dismiss your application.


After assessing your finances, you may even want to consider part-time work in the interim to ensure that you can pay your bills. While navigating the stresses of being laid off and searching for a new job, it’s crucial that you take care of yourself (physically and mentally) as well as keep a positive outlook.

Of all the ways you could handle a layoff, Turbo describes the nine best things to do in the fun graphic below. These will help you effectively manage the situation and begin the search for a new job.