Could The Construction Of Emergency Packs Save Your Workers This Winter?


Winter can be stressful in any workplace. Even office managers have to batten down the hatches and buy heaters. When your company is based outside, though, this matter becomes even harder. This is especially the case for managers of construction companies. They have no choice but to send workers up scaffolding and all sorts during the cold season.


Of course, you can’t do much to stop the weather, and you certainly can’t cancel work for upwards of four months. But, you do need to consider how to keep your team safe at this time. Otherwise, there are plenty of accident lawyers they could call for consultation, and none of them would look kindly on your negligence here. But, how exactly can you prep your team for the worst of the weather? By providing them with an adequate emergency kit, of course.


Tactics like these are especially useful if your staff attend various jobs. You can’t always be there to ensure safety. Placing an emergency weather kit in their company trucks is the best option. But, what should you include in kits like these?


Tools for any weather


When it comes to preparing for winter, few things are more important than the right tools. You need to ensure your team can deal with anything the weather brings. This means giving them everything from de-icer to snow shovels. You may even want to stock each truck with sand to help with traction if snow hits while they’re working. Whatever happens, you need to know your team has the tools to avoid injury.



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A change of clothes

Issues like hypothermia are workplace injuries if they happen due to freezing working conditions. To prevent that, you should provide adequate cold weather wear, such as thermals, hats, and gloves. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these increase the risk of illness if they get damp. And, you can bet they will when workers have to get stuck in with snow and such. That’s why you also need to provide at least one spare set of clothes. That way, your team will be able to dry off before damp sets in and does damage.

Fully charged phone batteries

It’s also crucial that you recognize the risks of workers getting stranded at this time of year. If heavy snowfall sets in while staff work, even their supply of sand won’t help them get out again. Given that they can fall foul to all manner of risks if left out in the cold, you need to address this risk. Your best option for doing that would be to provide things like charged phone batteries. Once your worker’s phone runs down, after all, they won’t even be able to call for help. If they’re working all day without charging it, there’s a real risk that could happen. Make sure, then, that every emergency kit has at least one pre-charged battery. That way, your staff will never be left out in the cold with no access to help.



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