A Digital Balance – What We Need To Do If We Rely Too Much On Tech


While it seems that now, a lack of technical knowledge is the best way for a business to head south quickly; we need to pose the question if we are actually relying on technology too much in business. Because the biggest goal we have nowadays is to sufficiently protect our data, if we are open to cyber-attacks and data breaches, we end up paying the price. And while technology is the most integral part of any company now, is there anything we can do to maintain a healthy balance?


Preparation for System Outages

Yes, technology is integral to our business processes.  If we end up with downtime, either due to network patches, or our DAS systems being installed or updated to ensure we have sufficient internet coverage and don’t have alternate ways to work without technology, then we will lose a lot of time, energy, and money. While preparation is one of those obvious steps every business needs to take, it’s surprising how many of us seldom prepare properly. So how can we provide a non-technical alternative? This is a very difficult question to answer, and it’s something that you’ve got to decide as per your industry.


Preparing Your Productivity

Everything hinges on metrics now, but surely there are ways for your workers to be more productive even if there are limited technical tools in place? It’s a basic example, but we all learn more when it comes to our imbibing of information when we use pen and paper. Our brains connect more to the material, so if you were to ever have a system outage, it might be a good point to encourage some self-learning or taking the opportunity for some personal downtime, so they can evaluate themselves how best to work. Productivity is one of those things that we all have to be hot on, but when we are working against deadlines constantly, we don’t necessarily have the time in which to reflect.


Taking Your Cue From The Workers

When you’re flying blindly without technology, you might feel that your business is going south. Ask your workers if they have any suggestions on how to work better? Because we have employees that feel they need to do as they’re told, this doesn’t give them that space in which to come up with better ideas so you can all work together as a team. Relying on technology to do our job for us is one of the biggest mistakes we all make in business. If you were to suffer a system outage, have you got anything in place to keep up the productivity side? A lot of workers, especially down the bottom end of the chain, enjoy that downtime, but it certainly saps their productivity. Instead, observe what can be best should your business not have the technical means to progress.


We are certainly relying on technology too much to do our job for us, but at this point, a contingency plan will always work best. It might be the opportunity to give your employees a chance for some self-reflection on how they can do their job better.



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