Managing Your Own Comfort During A Business Trip


Business clothes are inherently not made for comfort. Well, let’s not go that far. They use some of the highest quality materials in the world and they do contour your body’s shape by their inherent nature. However, they are formal and not made to lounge around in. No doubt that you would rather be in PJs rather than suit trousers when you’re lying on the bed watching TV before you go to sleep. In this sense, you have to try and figure out a way how to be comfortable during your business trip. Traveling is never easy on a business trip, there’s always something that takes you out of the zone that you’re trying to maintain. Heading into an important meeting, you need all the sleep you can get so you’re sharp and alert on high-stakes issues. The last thing you want is a cranky attitude due to a stiff neck and very little sleep.


Quick, change!


As soon as you have the chance, take off your formal clothes. For men, this is obviously going to be your suit. This means undoing your cufflinks, taking off your waistcoat if you have one, releasing your tie knot and taking off your dress shoes. Don’t just take off your jacket and loosen your belt, go all the way. For women, this means your blouse, business skirt and even your tights and earrings. Get out the lounge clothes you should have packed with you, and change into them as soon as you can. You need to feel that freedom again, move around freely, breathe deeper and easier, and just stretch and splash back onto the bed. Formal clothes are also mental, so as you take your suit off, you’re taking the mentality you have in that suit off too. You’re less tight and more relaxed.



Facilities manage your needs


The hotel you stay in during a business trip is very important for your ability to stay one step ahead of the meeting. One such example is the hotel near LAX Airport which is the Holiday Inn. They have the usual, fitness center and heated outdoor pool, but crucially they are business-oriented. To complement those other features, they have the business center where you access to computers, scanners and printers; It’s also open 24-hours. Their king bed non-smoking room has a desk with a table lamp, free high-speed WiFi access, a leather office chair and a 32-inch flat-screen TV. If need be you can comfortably work here and put some finishing touches to a presentation. They also give you your own coffee machine to help give you a boost if you need it. They also have an iron and ironing board in the room, so you can look sharp in the morning no matter how long you were stuck on the plane. All of these amenities give you peace of mind. Hotels that don’t accommodate the business class, will just add to your stress levels so always book a hotel that has your needs in mind.


Heading into a vital business meeting is nerve-wracking to say the least. Even more so when you are flying in and will be needing a place to stay in a city you’re not familiar with. The key to relaxing is to changing your clothes into something more comfortable as soon as you can. Don’t lounge around in your suit until it’s time for bed. Check before you book, that the hotel has the things you need to make sure you can manage your business concerns.



Featured image  Image by Bryan Lett