Role of AI in Recruiting & Hiring

Looking to where the times have come, initially, machine learning and AI was only made available to an exclusive circle of people and scientists. But as 2020 approaches, we see AI and their tools in almost every organization and business companies. This shows that there a huge amount of critical data that needs to be stored safely. With the revolution of algorithms, it is finally possible for companies to store large amounts of data on the cloud and not worry about anything.


In the Corporate environment, the hold of AI in this field has been strengthening from the past few years. Although one cannot expect AI to possess cognitive abilities such as humans possess, modern machines still have a way of learning things and make complex decisions.


Therefore, it comes as no surprise that even the HR departments in organizations have started making use of AI for finding recruitment solutions. AI helps automate the entire process of recruiting and also helps businesses come up with new methods of hiring talented people.


With constant changes at the economic, political and social front, the landscape too seems to be constantly changing. So if one were to talk about the number of startups in the country, then the number has significantly risen more than ever before. With the increase in ventures, there has also been an increase in the demand for skilled employees. An increase in demand has put more pressure on the shoulders of HR and recruiters to choose people based on their talent and expertise. To cope with this pressure, HR professionals have resorted to making use of AI and machine learning.


With the advancement in the field of technology, even small companies are now able to afford to recruit talented people with the help of a recruitment automation tool. This way, even big companies have to put up with a tough fight to hire the right person for the right job.


According to statistics, over 70 percent of recruiters mostly rely on recruiting software. With the help of applicant tracking software, repetitive tasks such as skimming through CVs are taken up by the software, leaving the hiring experts to work better during the process.


You can also not leave out the innovation of chatbots. This AI-driven feature is created to interact with interviewees and solve their doubts or answer any questions they may have.  There have been many occasions where recruiters have been hung up on responding to concerns of candidates, therefore, slowing their process. AI helps speed up the process and also helps select the perfect person for the job.


Apart from that, with all the data that is accumulated about those who must be recruited, AI helps in prioritizing the candidates based on what the company wants. AI can select candidates and make separate lists based on the characteristics that the organization is looking for.


Advantages of AI and Recruiting Software in hiring people:


Maintains Quality: With the pool of data that recruiters need to skim through, many CVs are not even worth looking at.  With the help of the best recruitment software, the software itself divides the entire process into various stages. The software itself analyzes the candidate and assesses their skills and experience based on the algorithms.


Good Analysis: Compared to human judgment, AI helps analyze a candidate better and has even shown a great level of accuracy. An HR’s task is to select such a person that can exhibit the qualities of a potential employee. But sometimes, due to a lapse in judgment or overlooking an aspect, recruiters can also make mistakes. This is omitted when an applicant tracking software comes into the picture.


Saves Time: In big companies, where there is a ton of work that needs to get done, one cannot afford to waste time looking through dozens of CVs that come flooding in. Thankfully, AI is there to take care of that part, and so the recruiters only get those CVs that match the requirement.

Recruitment automation tools also offer solutions after properly analyzing a candidate’s skills. Compared to humans, machines can generally scan through tons of data in just a few seconds. The analyzed report is then sent to the top HR people to select a worthy candidate. That’s how AI stands to benefit big organizations. They help save a lot of time as well as energy and resources.


Decisions Remain Unbiased: When humans are involved in decision making, they generally tend to listen to their hearts and let their emotions get the better of them. This is omitted when machines take over the ‘decision making’ part. It’s not every day that creative people walk in to get hired. At such times, to be sure that the person recruited is the perfect fit; recruiting software is made use of.


Even though AI proves to be the perfect aid during recruiting season, many doubt the applicant tracking software’s actions. While many are still afraid of the threats posed by AI, some feel that not all decisions must be algorithm-based as emotions help build a person’s character.


Many do fear that machines might take away their jobs and therefore completely relying on AI does seem scary. But, it is safe to say that machines can never completely replace human beings at workplaces.


One cannot deny the amount of ease technology has brought into our lives. In this fast-paced world, one cannot afford to waste time on trivial matters when greater decisions need to be made for the company. Therefore, the matters that take up the most amount of time is put in the hands of AI so that pressing matters can be addressed and worked upon.


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