The Small Things That Have A Huge Impact On Your Career

Everyone in the rat race is looking for the miracle cure that will change their fortunes. As someone who is attempting to better their career, you might think that the life-changing effects are a result of the serious projects. After all, they are the ones that lead to serious results and there is proof of that throughout the industry. Employees who reel in the big fish get rewarded with promotions and pay rises and increased brand awareness.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the small things go unnoticed. On the contrary, it’s the little stuff that tends to have a major impact on a person’s career. Although they won’t make a mark initially, they add up over time and slowly and steadily change opinions. Sure, it takes plenty of hard work, determination, and patience, but it’s often the best way to keep your career progression on the right track.

With that in mind, below are five of the seemingly tiny yet massive things which will help you climb the corporate ladder. And, none of the following is exclusive or inaccessible. As long as you have the right attitude, you can use them to your benefit as much as the next person.



Go Out For Coffee

Drinking coffee is something you do on a daily basis yet it never helped your career prospects. Well, that’s because you aren’t doing it properly. The key is to invite a higher-up from the company along for a mug of Jo. With their level of expertise, it’s a perfect chance to ask them questions and learn from their experiences. Remember that your personal incidents will help to shape you, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t use someone else’s.

Let’s not beat around the bush – you need a friend too. Nobody gets the top due to a mixture of hard work and loneliness. To make it, you are going to need a range of people whose opinions are trusted and who have the power to make decisions. Inviting a manager or boss for a cup of coffee shows your intent and desire to better yourself. They will love you for this as it’s the type of employee they want in the office.

Focus on the things that you struggle with at the moment, not the stuff that comes naturally. Are you a people person? If the answer is no, ask them about the dynamics of reaching out to a person without coming across as weird or a suck-up.

Brush Up On Your Writing


You’re a management consultant and not a journalist, so it seems strange to improve your writing. It’s a tiny part of your role and doesn’t have much bearing on success or failure, not in your world anyway. However, this is a limited way to view the effects of the English language as it’s something you use on a daily basis. And, people will judge you if you include grammatical errors.

By brushing up on your writing, your entire reputation will receive a boost. From writing emails to drafting company presentations, it will make you appear professional and on point. As well as being an effective worker, employers love individuals who will help enhance the brand to the public and their clients. Also, don’t forget about improving your resume and job qualifications. Students with a poor grasp of the English language will be penalized and their grade will suffer.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to study up on grammar and syntax and to practice writing. These basic tips will help anyone who doesn’t know where to begin and needs a leg up.

Enroll On A Higher Education Course

Higher education is something that the majority of people don’t take lightly. So, it’s not exactly a small thing – everyone knows how important a degree is to their career. Yes, that’s true in an undergraduate sense. But, lots of employees haven’t grasped the significance of different types of qualifications. That’s why the number of students who are eighteen that go to college is greater than any other demographic.

But, if you understood how certain qualifications helped your career, you might be more inclined to go back to school. A master’s of engineering management online program is a no-brainer at the moment. Why? It’s because it increases a person’s salary and employment prospects. A corporate, engineer or R&D manager earns over the $100,000 mark thanks to their educational resume. That’s twice as much as the average US wage.

The pattern doesn’t stop there either. Doctoral and professional degrees are likely to earn their recipients nearly twice as much as people with a bachelor degree. An associate’s degree is three times less rewarding financially than the top two qualifications. You should always research how important a degree is before enrolling.



Write Down Your Achievements

Never assume you will remember them because you might not as time passes. And, if you’re looking to jump ship to another company, it’s always good to have references. Noting them helps to jog your memory so that you can explain in detail what you did and how it helped the business. This is very important to articulate when you’re trying to impress a new boss or you’re asking your current manager for a promotion or raise. The facts of the case matter.

Even if you’re happy and want to stay put, it’s a good idea to understand your value. Too many employees think they need a pat on the back from their boss to feel validated. Don’t be one of these people. Workers who are efficient, professional and produce a high standard on a regular basis should see what they bring to the table. Not only will it help in future negotiations, but it will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Considering it’s the little things which count, you should jot down every win you’ve had in your career. You never know when something will strike a chord because you don’t know what employers want from their employees.



Become A Valuable Resource


People rely on valuable resources as they make their lives easier. Therefore, you’ll enhance your reputation and importance within the company and then management won’t want to let you go. When this happens, the rate at which your career will progress will rise steeply. The trick is to transform from a solid employee into a valuable source of information, and that isn’t a walk in the park.

You’ll be glad to know that something small can help. Researching your current employer isn’t a typical move because you feel as if you understand their agenda. As an employee, you know what makes them tick after being on the inside for years. However, it’s essential to remember that businesses evolve and your employer is no different. So, you might not understand them as well as you currently think. Spend a little time going over what the business offers and how it goes about the process. This should help you provide positive feedback.

Once this happens, your colleagues will see you as a vat of information and come to you for advice. And, as soon as a few coworkers do it, it will cause a domino effect. The website is a great place to start, or you can kill two birds with one stone by inviting a higher up out for coffee and picking their brains.

Taking the next step in your career feels as if it needs a huge gesture. The reality is that the small wins add a great deal of value and lead to success.