How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding (Infographic)

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It comes to no surprise that women add a comforting and impactful touch to the workplace. They have the ability to take calculated risks without an egotistic attitude and grow their network by collaborating and coming together to complete anything put in front of them. Even though women sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to entrepreneurship, over 50% of workers would rather work for women lead companies.


Additionally, more than 57% of business team members agree that gender-inclusive practices improve business outcomes. So why aren’t we accepting everyone no matter if they are male or female? It may be our own fear of failure from being told no time and time again, or it may be the difficulty to find the right mentors to help us grow in the workplace. Whatever it may be, many women around the world are facing this issue.


Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank sees the light in women entrepreneurs, seeking women entrepreneur talent to boost his profit gains. Out of the 40 companies, he’s invested in, 95% of women entrepreneurs have hit their goals compared to the 65% of businesses that are male-led.


If you are a successful and powerful woman ready to hit the ground running growing your own business, Fundera’s compiled 9 steps for you to successfully raise money like a boss.



How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding