Things To Know When Setting Up Your First Classroom

Things To Know When Setting Up Your First Classroom

Your very first job as a teacher can be intimidating. It can also be exhilarating. Your idea juices are probably flowing. You have seen all the other extraordinary classrooms all over the internet. Navigating your first classroom doesn’t have to be difficult and there may be some things to know that you did not think about. Here are a few things to know when setting up your first classroom.

Befriend Your School Custodian

Accidents are going to happen, and things are going to break; it’s inevitable when you have a classroom full of students. The school custodian is the person you are going to want to talk to. Befriend them because they will be an invaluable person in your teaching career.

Figure Out the Technology

Make sure you are comfortable with the technology before the first day. You are also going to want to make sure that everything is working correctly. If it is not, get that work order submitted quickly. You don’t want to be going into your first day with a projector that doesn’t work or a laptop you don’t know how to login to.

Prioritize and Minimize

As a teacher, you’re going to want to create an effective learning classroom to keep your students engaged. Make sure the flow of the room is cohesive, and minimizing clutter will help keep the students’ focus where it needs to. Be deliberate about what you place at the front because most of the time this is where your students will be looking. The front is great for placing your class motto or consequences since most of the students’ time will be spent there. You want to give the students the best chance to stay focused and away from distractions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Changes

You may notice that the flow is not working for you once students get into the classroom. That’s okay. You may also not like the idea once you see it come to life. Find what works for you and move things around as you see fit.

The transition into any new career is not easy. These things to know when setting up your first classroom can hopefully make life just a bit easier. Make sure to also give yourself some grace and understanding while you venture down this new, and sometimes scary, path. It will surely be worth it!