Tips That Help Your Corporation Donate More

Tips That Help Your Corporation Donate More

We may not realize that small efforts, such as posting a simple picture on social media that promotes a cause and encourages others to donate, mean a lot to others. We view pictures as expressing a thousand words, but a single donation can help one thousand lives. Let’s rally together to make this the year we provide more than money with tips that help your corporation donate more.

Create a Gift Matching Program

There are many ways a business can give monetary donations to organizations. However, the best strategy to help double or triple these donations is through a matching gift program.

A gift matching program is a system that donates a similar amount as their employees to a charity.

The matching gift program can:

  • Update the donor database often
  • Assist with problems
  • Collect information on active donors

Nevertheless, a gift matching program is easy to establish, as you only need to set specific parameters that involve every employee within your company.

Here’s how to set up a matching gift program:

  • Determine eligibility: Will only full-time or part-time employees be eligible? Or will you make the program inclusive to all employees?
  • Set guidelines: Open the floor to suggestions but set guidelines on what organizations are appropriate.
  • Set a target match ratio: Match every donation to a percentage.
  • Choosing a minimum and maximum
  • Select a deadline

Communicate With Your Network

A vital step in ensuring both your supporters and the non-profits you work with are satisfied is by communicating with them through your network. Whether you do this by mail or social media, many want to know the next venture in your corporate giving program.

Enhance Your Website Experience

The most crucial element to ensuring all workers and community members stay up to date on your contribution mission is to improve the website experience.

Here’s how you can improve your website:

  1. Create pages showing how corporate giving is beneficial.
  2. Engage audiences by shouting out all participants that donate.
  3. Make signing up and donating easy with a submission form.

Reach Out To Companies

With a gift matching program, you can invite other companies to donate the same amount or more to your fundraiser. Inform companies of this choice by answering their questions in a video or phone call, sending a letter, or creating a newsletter.

Create Partnerships

Another positive way to raise awareness for your benefit is to develop partnerships with other companies. When reaching out, outline all benefits an individual will receive when helping match donations with your corporation.

Everyone Benefits Positively

When donating to a charity, everyone benefits positively. When groups collaborate on volunteering or contribute monetary values, their bonds grow further, and the surrounding community improves.

When considering donating to a charity, focus on impacting your business relationships with other corporations.

In our guide on tips that help your corporation donate more, you dove in and found new ways to help your company give more. As donations grow, you and your employees become more considerate with your offerings.