Top Four Accounting Trends for 2021

Accounting can seem stuck in its ways but new technologies are helping bookkeepers improve on every aspect of their work. From blockchain solutions to high-tech automation and remote working, the accounting industry looks set to undergo some of its biggest changes since the advent of computers.

So, to avoid being left in the dust, we’ve compiled a list of the most important accounting trends that you and your business need to keep on top of in 2021. Each one is relevant and actionable for businesses of all sizes — we’re not preaching to the big accounting firms here. We’ll cover everything from how significant the shake up will be for accountants — from holistic impacts on working to the amount of cold, hard cash being invested in the new tech — why it works, and how you should implement the changes. We’ve even got case studies from businesses, just like yours, that are forging ahead with the latest technologies.

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