Top Ways To Improve Reception in Your Medical Office

Top Ways To Improve Reception in Your Medical Office

What is the first thing you see when you walk into a medical facility? The reception area, of course. First impressions are critical. If you walk into a messy, disorganized lobby, your first impression will be negative, and it’ll give you an idea as to what kind of service you’ll receive.

Picture your reception area. What do you think customers take away from it, and what are some top ways to improve reception in your medical office? Let’s discuss a few tips to make your reception area one that attracts—and keeps—patients.

Train Staff

The key to a positive, welcoming reception area is a well-trained healthcare staff. This includes teaching staff how to be efficient and effective in communication, scheduling, and customer service. Try regularly reviewing regulations and changes to ensure your staff is up to date.

Additionally, your staff must be welcoming in their attitude in addition to their knowledge of system operation. When a new patient calls to make an appointment or inquire about your services, the first person they talk to is reception, so be sure they always have a positive demeanor and are honest about wait times, so the patient knows what to expect.

Offer Refreshments

When waiting to see a healthcare professional, oftentimes, a patient may wait at least 15-20 minutes due to the dynamic nature of a medical office. Try putting out snacks, water, and other refreshments for them to indulge in while they wait. Try to offer healthier snacks like granola bars, fresh fruit, and water bottles.

You might also consider offering forms of entertainment like music or TV, so your patients feel comfortable and welcomed in your office.

Tailor It To Your Practice

Reception areas can differ between various medical offices, so be sure to tailor your reception “experience” to your specific practice.

Using wall décor such as posters can also customize your reception area. Try utilizing posters that inform patients of the specific areas of the body your office focuses on, like healthy gums in a dentist’s office, healthy eating tips in a primary doctor’s office, etc.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to improve your orthopedic practice, you may consider offering reading materials on how to perform muscle stretches or how to care for sprained ankles.

Now that you understand the top ways to improve reception in your medical office, your patients will feel more welcomed and comfortable in your facility.