How Valuable Is Volunteering For Your Career?

Volunteering makes you a good person. It adds character. It gives you experience and it means that you can gain some experience in the field that you want. Most of the time, volunteering is unpaid – which is potentially a downside – but when you think of how valuable volunteering could be for your career, does it matter if you aren’t paid for a while?

You will put a lot of effort into hunting down the right role for you. You’ll edit your resume for every job you apply for, you’ll research the industry bigwigs and know where to network for the right company contracts. Anyone who has the ambition to get far in the career that they want the most will do whatever they can. When you’re looking for careers like the ones you find when you visit this website, it’s not unusual to help out at first to get a taste of the role that you want. Volunteering in this way can help you to understand whether you are in the right area to work before you’ve committed to a contract. The problem lies where others suggest volunteering and receive an eye roll in return. Because of the fact that volunteering doesn’t come with a paycheck, most people don’t go in for it. Sometimes, that’s okay, because if they have a family to support it makes sense why they wouldn’t do it. But what if I told you that you could volunteer in your own time around your job?


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Volunteering looks great on your resume and it’s attractive to employers. It shows that you take initiative and you’re willing to sacrifice some of your personal time to do something that makes sense for you. It gives you the chance to meet people and rub shoulders with people in the industry in which you want to work. It’s the time you can take to help you to expand on and understand your career goals. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it part-time, and you can find the value in doing something that’s not about money. It’s about you and your dreams – and that’s why volunteering can be something different and new.

When it comes to your career, you need to do whatever it takes to fill the hours in the day with something that makes you happy. There are even some great opportunities available for those interesting in working from home.  

Volunteering opens your eyes to new skills that you could learn and do so around new people who are as passionate about your dreams as you are. Working in agriculture, for example, can give you a secure and exciting future. Volunteering can give you the foot in the door to that industry and help you to find that job. It’s a way to get the career that you want in the company that you want; you get to make a great impression and you get to do it while feeling accomplished at the same time.

Yes, volunteering is valuable to your career, and if you haven’t already you should start putting the feelers out for your next opportunity. More importantly, giving back is a reward in itself.