What Is The Future of Customer Support Apps Services?

New tech is changing everything and customer support is no exception. With remote work becoming increasingly normal in workspaces, many businesses have innovated new customer service solutions.

The integration of video messaging, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain with customer support introduce new opportunities for customer service practitioners.

Though, the challenges included with these new technologies should not be neglected. Adapting to new ways of doing things will be challenging. There is also the looming concern of losing jobs to bots and AI.

To shed light on these issues notice that the technologies will bring in practical solutions to make customer support more efficient.

Read this short article to learn more about the future of customer support apps and services.

Increase in Video Communication

Customers are increasingly preferring eye contact to voice conversations. The new video communication solutions include asynchronous video apps (like Loom), and synchronous ones (like Zoom).

Making an impact in negotiations is much more effective through eye contact. That’s why video conversations are not just preferred by customers nowadays. It should be seen as a business-improving tool for customer service departments.

Video conversations help re-establish relationships. It also increases effectiveness as you have more clues of how the other person feels, from their body language and facial expressions. So we can conclude that face-to-face video calls are an important element in business success.

Omni-channel Solutions

You should be available where your customers prefer to interact with you. There are different channels from which customers can interact with you; your website, social media, e-commerce store, and other third-party websites.

This level of accessibility requires omnichannel support. Let’s differentiate omnichannel and multichannel experiences. As in omnichannel experience, both your customers and your support team can communicate seamlessly between various channels.

This means that your customers won’t need to change channels and log into another platform to ask for support. Your support team also communicates with all customers from various channels in one omnichannel service platform.

Change in E-Commerce

The E-commerce world is evolving fast with the rise of cryptocurrencies. Although they don’t directly change service provision in businesses, blockchain tech does. In the future, this technology will have a huge impact on the transparency of payments and contracts.

Payments without human involvement are also on the rise and fintech apps are making it possible. These apps are the game changers of e-commerce and banking. Find a fintech app development agency to build an app for your e-commerce business.

Fintech offers solutions to boost customer services and improving them. The fintech revolution has opened new opportunities, as well as challenges, for various industries using financial and technological services.

AI Comes to Help

AI or artificial intelligence is revolutionizing customer service in every aspect. They help customer service staff enhance responsiveness and problem-solving.

Natural language processing enables sentiment analysis, and thus AI in customer service is more than just an answering bot. With sentiment analysis, the feeling of your customers can be understood from the words they use in their message.

Conversational IVR is another way that AI is disrupting customer self-service. This technology uses speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), and machine learning to interact within the context of the spoken request. 

New Customer Service Positions

New customer service positions are predicted to appear after the emergence of some technologies.

For example, when augmented reality is widely used, virtual assistants will be needed, as people should be trained on product use.

Customer service specialists with various specialized skills would also be needed. It is due to the more specialized demands of customers after the adoption of technologies into services and products.

Other roles and positions in the customer support department include jobs such as chat specialists and onboarding specialists.

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