10 Advantages Of Having A Staff Kitchen

Whether you’re planning an office renovation or want to move out, there’s one functional room that many business owners tend to either forget or ignore; the staff kitchen. Now, you don’t need something complicated like owning a range of different cooking appliances, but a simple staff kitchen actually has many advantages for your business.


In this article, we’re actually going to explain ten different reasons why you should absolutely consider having a staff kitchen.


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  1. It makes a great meeting spot


Staff kitchens are excellent meeting spots because there are chairs, drinks, snacks and plenty of space (in most cases).


  1. It convinces employees to stay inside during breaks


Most employees will go outside to get a coffee or lunch, but this can lead to distractions or even coming back late to your office. Having a staff kitchen reduces the chances of that happening.


  1. It gives them a chance to refuel


Whether it’s a cup of coffee, an energy drink or a protein bar, it’s vital that you give your employees a chance to refuel so that they can stay focused throughout the day.


  1. It adds value to their job


When it comes to picking out a job, a well-stocked staff kitchen adds extra value to a job, meaning employees are more likely to pick your business over a competitor.


  1. It’s a great way for employees to stay efficient


Because your employees won’t need to leave the office for a break with a staff kitchen, it improves efficiency by allowing them to get back to work almost immediately and it gives them a simple place to refuel and get more caffeine or a snack to keep them going.


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  1. It shows that you care about your employees


A stocked pantry and a well-maintained kitchen go a long way in helping your employees feel wanted and comfortable in your office.


  1. It allows employees to bring in their own food


Some employees much prefer to bring their own food in to work. Having a kitchen allows them to reheat that food and enjoy it instead of being forced to buy something or only snack on small things.


  1. It helps build teamwork


Whether it’s ordering snacks for the office and trying to decide which ones or naming your individual drinks and snacks in the fridge, staff kitchens can surprisingly help with building teamwork.


  1. It allows employees to stay healthy


Instead of expecting your employees to eat unhealthy junk food from local fast food places every lunch break, they can simply make their own cooked meals or even bring in healthier food from home.


  1. It makes a great place to take a break


Everyone needs a break now and then, and the staff kitchen makes a perfect place to relax, get a drink and a snack, then just take it easy for 15 minutes.


As you can see, staff kitchens come with many fantastic advantages and you’d be smart to include one in your renovation plans or your future rentals.