4 Benefits Of Hiring Former Offenders

When you’re building a business of your very own, your lead and your inspiration may be the guiding force that charts a path for success… But it’s the hard work and endeavor of your employees that propels you on your way. Finding the right team to boost your chances of growth and success is extremely important… But in your zeal to assemble the perfect team, don’t overlook a potentially rewarding source of labor. You may be reticent to hire ex-offenders and worry that they may increase your liability as a nascent enterprise. However, employing ex-offenders has a range of benefits for your business. Let’s take a look at a few now…



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It can help to change someone’s life


Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Hiring an ex-offender can make an enormous change to their lives and enable them to pursue a life free of the temptation to re-offend. The denial of employment to those who have been convicted of crimes is a leading cause of recidivism. It can also open up a much broader applicant pool of prospective employees with the skills and attributes you value who are just itching for an opportunity to become a productive member of society once again.


It doesn’t represent the degree of risk you may think


Businesses just like yours can play a vital role in the rehabilitation of ex-offenders and help them to remain happy, productive and valued members of society. However, many small business owners may not feel comfortable with hiring former offenders because they believe that they may represent a degree of risk, but this is not rarely the case. In some cases, a former offender may have been pardoned even if their crime has not been expunged from their record; get more information on this from The Zeiger Firm today if you need further clarification. What’re more, if you enter into the Federal Bonding Program this can greatly limit your risk, liability and insurance costs.


It establishes you as an equal opportunities employer


Your public image counts for a great deal when you run your own business. To appeal to a broader customer base, you need to put the values and ideals upon which your enterprise was based front and centre in your branding. The trouble is that some businesses talk the talk but do not walk the walk. When you hire applicants who have committed crimes but are sincerely committed to rehabilitation you demonstrate your commitment to providing opportunities for a vulnerable group in society. This is not just great PR, it goes a long way towards establishing you as the kind of leader that you and your employees want you to be.


You could be eligible for credits and benefits


There are not only numerous moral benefits to hiring a former offender, there are also a number of credits and benefits for which it may make you eligible. On a federal level, the Working Opportunity Tax Credit can limit your tax liability while there may also be local and state incentives for which you may qualify.


You could usher in a new era of productivity and profitability while also giving someone a much needed second chance!

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