4 Leading Causes of a Breakdown in the Supply Chain

How To Build a Supply Chain for Small Businesses

If the last two years have taught us anything, it would be that it only takes one event to cause a total breakdown in the supply chain. This can have catastrophic effects on a business, large or small. However, knowing what we know now, it is possible to find ways to circumvent those supply chain breakdowns, but it takes a bit of forethought and planning. Let’s look at the four leading causes of breakdown in the supply chain to be prepared if any one of them should pose a threat to your business.

1. Shipping Delays Due to Global Pandemic 

This is, perhaps, the best one to start with because this is what everyone around the world has been dealing with since the onset of Covid-19. While it appeared as though new cases and deaths were leveling off, there is the start of a new surge that is worrisome. Bear in mind that just because one shipping company or supplier has lost employees due to shutdowns or illness, there are others still up and running. It would be in your best interest to keep one or two alternate shipping companies on hold if your usual transport is down for any length of time.

2. Issues with IT and/or Connectivity

Another huge issue that has several underlying causes would be problems with your computer network or connectivity with your service provider. There are a number of problems that could cause your local network to go down so you might want to retain the services of an IT support London-based team to help you remotely diagnose what is wrong with your on-site local network. An award-winning team of IT support London experts like those at Totality Services can also help you find the most reliable internet service provider in your area of the UK. No matter what the issues in IT, this outsourced team of professionals can offer solutions remotely.

3. Natural Disasters

How many times have shipments been delayed by natural disasters? Whether it’s a snowstorm, an earthquake, or even resulting tsunamis, these weather events can delay shipments indefinitely. Again, if at all possible, have alternate suppliers or transport available so that you can send or receive without an undue delay.

4. Out of Stock Parts and Materials

Has it become apparent yet that you should always have alternative businesses to deal with? How many times have you tried to order parts that are out of stock, causing a delay in manufacturing? You may have found a cost-effective source for those products, but there may be other companies that could overnight the supplies you need. Also, it is suggested that you never let your stock dwindle down to a dangerous level. Always try to pre-order a supply that would get you through a week or two if necessary. 

Even though these breakdowns in the supply chain have been more widespread and numerous than ever due to the global pandemic, they can happen at any moment, so always be prepared with alternatives. If you want to continue business as usual, always have a backup plan in place. That’s the most expedient solution no matter what the cause.