4 Ways To Gain Your Customer’s Trust Online

The world has gone digital, and yet there is something we don’t trust about that. It’s still so different from what we are used to. You see, when a customer shops at a store, a real store, or one made from bricks-and-mortar, there are a hundred ways to tell how trustworthy that business is. Some factors include, the location of the store, what the store looks like, the professional signage outside, the friendly store manager, cleanliness, lots of stock, and a gaggle of other customers walking the aisles, browsing bits and bobs and making purchases. You don’t get these same indicators online.


In fact, shopping online is a totally different experience. There’s less to go on. There are fewer indicators signaling whether a store is trustworthy. This is an issue because establishing trust online is absolutely critical for a business, and yet so difficult too. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of ways you can earn your customers trust online to make sure people aren’t clicking the back button out of skepticism.


  1. Make Your Website Great Again

You could have the most attractive Instagram-page in all the land, it won’t matter if your website looks like it was made by a teenager in the early 1990s. Why? Because customers will be overly concerned about your brand’s legitimacy. That’s why you should hire an awesome web designer; someone that creates professional-looking sites with HD graphics, attractive images, super-user-friendly navigation and an easy checkout process. Have those things and your visitors will stick around to explore your online store further.


  1. Your About Us Page Is Everything

According to Moz, the voice of reason on all things internet-ish, the most visited page on any website is the About Us page. This is because once a prospective customer develops an interest in your products or services, they’ll want to learn more about your brand and culture and trustworthiness. They’ll want to know who they’re dealing with. The best way to settle their nerves is to create an amazing “About Us” page, which is where an experienced creative copywriter is worth their weight in gold. Inject some personality, include your story, what you offer and what your unique perspective is.


  1. Have People Rave About You

Most of the time, a potential customer needs to wash those pre-purchase jitters away with a little reassurance from previous customers and clients. It’s about keeping your online reputation looking good. Luckily, this is simple to do. On the one hand, you should consider hiring some online review management to manage your online reviews and reputation so that people have no reason to freak out and, on the other hand, you should highlight testimonials from satisfied customers because these are great at eliminating any last-minute skepticism. Simple.


  1. Guarantee Their Money Back

The reason customers worry so much about your trustworthiness is simple: they are handing over their money. So, cap that worry on the head by offering them their money back if they don’t like a product or service they’ve bought. Knowing there’s no risk involved is a sure-fire way to encourage them to make a purchase without sweating it out.



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Elita Torres

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